Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Doctoral studies

Regular Students

Candidates shall submit to the Admission Committee:

  • Application form;
  • documents (originals) witnessing Master Degree (diploma and it's supplement) or their copies certified by a Notary Public;
  • document issued by the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education certifying a recognition of foreign qualifications (;
  • copy of an order of the Minister of Education and Science concerning recognition of the qualification gained in a foreign country;
  • copy of passport (or ID);
  • Letters of Recommendations of two scientists of the field selected;
  • Curriculum Vitae and a description of scientific activities;
  • research paper at the entrance examination and the list of publications and their copies;
  • DVD recording (for applicants of non-EU countries).

EU citizens shall be admitted in the same order as citizens of the Republic of Lithuania. 

In case not all the presented documents have been issued in the same surname (first name) - a copy of a document attesting the change of the surname (first name) certified by a Notary Public. Foreigners of Lithuanian descent, additionally – a document witnessing their Lithuanian descent from the Lithuanian community in the respective country. Certificate about a passed Lithuanian language credit test, if in the certificate concerning equivalents of subjects and transfer of grades it is prescribed that a person has to take a Lithuanian language credit test – when entering programmes in the Lithuanian language. Incomplete applications shall not be considered.

Deadlines for application:

  • 15th of April for non-EU citizens;
  • 15th of June for EU citizens.

For more questions about doctoral studies available and etrance examination schedule please contact