Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Access, Disability and Equal Opportunities


Access, Disability and Equal Opportunities

Academy welcomes talented people from all backgrouds, regardless of their economic status (poverty), social status (gender, marital), ethnicity or health impairment. Study places are awarded to those candidates who demonstrate the requested standard of performance.

Equal opportunities, principles of democracy, academic freedom and the respect of human rights are the values fostered by the community of the Academy as it is stated in the Statute of LMTA, the main policy paper. Code of Ethics of the Academy promotes struggling against any discrimination derived from differences in gender, race, disability, specific age group (young or older people), outward, sexuality, ethnical, religious or cultural affiliations. 

Special services for disable students

LMTA supports students with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia or visual impairment. There are special (3) workplaces available in the Libraries of the Academy, and copies of study material can be provided in a large print (MaGic), Braille (converter of scores to Braille and ATC Braille print available), or audio (DAISY, EasyConverter, Win Talker Voice). 

Financial support for disable people:

Disable students can apply for a special financial support offered by the state. Lithuania based students (those who have declared Lithuania as a domicile country) are eligible. Two types of the financial support are available: monthly allowance towards covering student‘s special needs, and the special grant for covering part of the tuition fee. Exchange students with disabilities may apply for an additional mobility grant (for disable students) at their home institution.

More information about grants for disable people available:
Justina Balčiūnaitė
Senior specialist at the Study Information Office
Phone (+370 5) 2610144,
Central building (Gedimino pr. 42), room 120