Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Contemporary Lithuanian Theatre



Subject Title: Contemporary Lithuanian Theatre

Taught by: Lect. Vaidas Jauniškis

Acad. Cycle

ECTS credits



Contact hours



1 semester

Autumn, Spring


Year of study

Weekly lectures/seminars




1 / 16 seminars per semester

Knowledge in literature, other fields of arts, history






10-pont scale (discussions, participation - 40%, exam: term paper and its‘ presentation  - 60%)

Aim and objectives

The course aims to present Lithuanian contemporary theater context within Lithuanian culture field, history and in relation with other countries. Basic info about Lithuanian theatre, key names and their works, presented in complexity with historical/everyday life context.

The lectures will be lead in interaction with students, looking at their countries context, using recorded materials in a lecture or for the tasks. Topics will be analyzed in a historical period or in political -geographical aspects.

The seminars will consist of guided discussion about performances, Q&A, concerning the topics of the course.

 After completing the course, students will:

- get acquainted with history of contemporary Lithuanian theatre, it’s roots and periods

- get acquainted with main directors styles, key-concepts, with their performances

- develop critical thinking within the context of theatre and cultural studies

- be able to compare evolution in culture field with their own country

- be able to describe theatrical strategies as social and cultural processes

- Be able to define and discuss the historical evolution of theatre in the context of cultural, social and political processes

 Topics of the course:

- Theatre as cultural and political factor in 2nd half of the 20th century

- Theatre, politics and society in totalitarian state.

- Theatre after fall of Berlin wall (period of Independence)

- Most significant directors and their concepts of theatre

- Against tradition and for it. Shocks and changes in market economy


The Theatre of Oskaras Koršunovas. Interviews and articles [Edited by Rasa Vasinauskaitė]. – Vilnius, 2002

Lithuanian theater: [collection of articles / project coordinators Gintaras Aleknonis, Helmutas Šabasevičius; translated by Giedrė Aleknonytė]. -Vilnius: Kultūros, filosofijos ir meno institutas, 2009