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Mantautas Krukauskas

International relations
International Projects coordinated by LMTA

Mantautas Krukauskas has Masters degrees in piano and composition and is currently teaching composition, electronic and computer music and sound art disciplines at the Department of Composition of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Since 2012 he has been head of the Composition study programme committee. His compositions – including chamber music, audio-visual works and music for theatre productions – have been performed in Lithuania, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, United States, Canada and other countries. As a composer, Mantautas Krukauskas is a prize-winner of two international competitions, both of which took place in Austria. His interests embrace creativity, inter-disciplinarity, music and media technologies and a synergy of different aesthetic and cultural approaches. 

Mantautas Krukauskas is one of the founders and most active collaborators of Music Innovation Studies Centre (MiSC) of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, which is focusing its activities on connecting art, research and technologies.

Lecture: Spatial sound in the context of musical composition
February 15 (Friday), 11:30