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Kent Olofsson

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Kent Olofsson (1962) is a composer with an extensive artistic output of over 160 works that span a broad field of genres, ensemble types and contexts including music for orchestra, chamber music, electroacoustic music, music theatre, alternative rock music, music for baroque instruments and works for dance performances and installations. His music has been performed by ensembles and orchestras like Ensemble Recherche, Symphonieorchesters des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Swedish Radio Choir, KammarensembleN, Klangforum Wien, Oslo Sinfonietta and Avantii! and by conductors as Lothar Zagrosek, Gustavo Dudamel, Mario Venzago and Franck Ollu. Since 2009 he is collaborating with Swedish theatre group Teatr Weimar. Their productions have been widely recognized also internationally with performances like "Hamlet II: Exit Ghost", "A Language at War" and "Arrival Cities: Hanoi", the latter composed for Vietnamese instruments, chamber ensemble and electronics.