Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre


The First International J. Pakalnis Competition for flute and oboe
2016 - 10 - 17  15.00 h.


24th of October, 18:30 at LMTA Grand Hall (Gedimino pr. 42, Vilnius): Opening Ceremony of the Competition and Concert


First round: October 25th 10:30-13:30; 15:30-18:00; 18:00-19:30, LMTA Grand Hall

Second round: October 25th 12:00-14:00; 16:00-18:30, LMTA Grand Hall

Masterclases (flute): October 27th 12:00-14:00 LMTA J. Karosas Hall

Third round: October 28th 15:00-17:00, LMTA Grand Hall

Award ceremony: October 29th 12:30, LMTA Grand Hall

JURY OF FLUTE COMPETITION: Chairman Prof. Algirdas Vizgirda (Lithuania). Members: Prof. Valentinas Gelgotas (Lithuania), Prof. Machiko Takahashi (Japan), Prof. Vilnis Strautinš (Latvia), Prof. Antony Wierzbinsky (Poland).



First round: October 25th 13:00-15:00; 16:00-18:00, Chamber Hall of the LMTA II Building (TIlto str. 16) 

Second round: October 26th 11:30-13:30; 14:30-16:30, Chamber Hall (II LMTA Building)

Masterclasses (oboe): October 27th 14:00-16:00, room 302, (LMTA II building)

Third Round: October 28th 12:00-14:00, LMTA Grand Hall (Central Building, Gedimino pr. 42)

Award ceremony: October 29th 2:30, LMTA Grand Hall


JURY OF THE OBOE COMPETITION: Chairman Assoc. Prof. Dr. Robertas Beinaris. Members: Prof. Alessandro Baccini (Italy), Prof. Chiara Staibano (Italy), Ayano Sato (Japan), Lect. Eugenijus Paškevičius (LIthuania), Vilmantas Kaliūnas (Lithuania/Germany), Kalev Kulijus (Germany/Estonia)

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