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"Norteas" Sustainability Project
2017 - 06 - 26  13.00 h.

Here are some quick news from the Sustainability Project working group. There are a few important points that we would like to share with you.

The Online Lectures

We have now a list of 9 excellent lectures for the upcoming academic year. They will be held the first Friday of the month, the first one being streamed online from Reykjavík 1st September. The full programme and guidelines will be available on the Norteas website.

The Express Courses

We have already a list of 12 express courses for the school year. The first being held in late August in Iceland. The deadline to apply for this course is already June 30th. There is not much time left, so please announce it to your students as soon as possible. Note also that it is not too late to add a new course to our programme. The network will support the students accepted for the Sustainability Express courses with a mobility grant. Full programme and guidelines will be available on the Norteas website.

Iceland. Found Technique. Aug-Sep

Tampere University. Extreme Experience. Sep

Aalto. Storytelling with Augmented Reality. Sep

Helsinki University of the Arts. Life after Capitalism. Sep




Helsinki University of the Arts. Toxicities and Energetics . Oct

Gothenburg University. Multidisciplinary devising week. Oct

Vilnius. Suzuki Method for Actors Training. Oct

Helsinki University of the Arts. Performance and Power. Oct-Nov

Viljandi. Drive. Jan

Copenhagen. Entrepreneurship. Jan

Iceland Dialogue Jan

HiNT Verdal Global Footprint Apr

The Intensive Course

Vilnius Academy for Music and Drama is a perfect site for a big intensive course like ours. We expect around 90 student participants. The course period is 26 August - 2 September 2018. The project is in good hands with Giedre, Elona and their team in Vilnius.

Pauliina Hulkko will be the course leader for the Intensive course and she will need 10 mentors from across Norteas to join her in Vilnius.  The working group decided to make a call out for mentors in the Autumn but the aim is to have them join together and attend the annual meeting in Fredrikstad in February 2018. A more detailed description on the course and the role of the mentors will be sent out in September.

We will have a Forum running alongside the intensive course, with invited speakers and lecture programme in the afternoon. Currently, we are exploring wether the forum can be held in collaboration with a local theatre venue in Vilnius.

Project Budget

We are fortunate to have been granted 60.0000 euros for the project through Norplus and the intention is to apply for more money to nordic cultural funds. This means that we will be able to allocate a large sum to travel, accommodation and board for students and teachers but we will probably not be able to cover the full cost. We ask you therefor to be prepared to pay a moderate fee for each participant of the intensive course in Vilnius August 2018.

The Sustainability Project working group members are:

Steinunn Knútsdóttir and Alma Ragnarsdóttir from Iceland Academy of the Arts
Pauliina Hulkko from Tampere University
Irene Hutsi from Viljandi Culture Academy
Catharina Bergil from Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg University
Örjan Hattrem from HiNT, Nord University
Jaakko Hannula, Helsinki Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki

Host of Sustainability Project IP in Vilnius 2018:
Elona BajorinienÄ— and GiedrÄ— KabašinskienÄ—, Vilnius Academy of Music and Theatre