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Competition in the field of musicology
2013 - 02 - 04

Center for New Technology in the Arts “Art-parkING”
General partner: Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

International Musicological Competitions
Interdisciplinary Studies in Music

New Approaches, Methods and Conceptions
Deadline – March 1st, 2013

In the contemporary world, interdisciplinary studies have become a major resource for knowledge transformation and development, facilitating the expansion of individual methodologies to other areas of expertise.

By initiating a Competition in the field of musicology, the Center for New Technologies in the Arts “Art-parkING” aims to draw people’s attention to common cultural paradigms and to trace new ways and innovative ideas in this field.

The Competition is organized for two levels of participants:
1. Those who have a bachelor and masters degree (and equivalents)
2. Doctoral studies (and equivalents), postdoctoral level and all under the age of 35.

Procedure of the Competition

There will be two rounds.
First round – a competitive selection by an international jury of the best musicological works. Only works that are submitted before a deadline and that suit all requirements will be accepted for the Competitions.

Second round – a final stage. This will be held in the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius in September, 4-7, 2013 during an International musicological conference in collaboration with the Lithuanian regional branch of International Musicological Society. The Competition will take the form of public debates on a given topic. Competitors will receive themes and a set time for preparation. Debates will be between two or three people and take place in several stages.

During the debates the jury will evaluate speakers’ oratorical skills, ability to introduce and defend a point of view, manner of carrying on a dialogue, and their command of logic.

Subject Area of Works for the First Round

The main topic of works sent for peer-review must be interdisciplinary studies in Music.
The Humanities present a multifaceted disciplinary field coherent with sciences, philology, political economy and other research areas. Their interaction should offer new ways of expanding traditional disciplinary boundaries and methods of interpretation.
A participant can use different types of interdisciplinary studies (methodologies from two or more disciplines, modeling of research concept, reflection on the object and methodology of your own research, system of coordination and interaction).
Nowadays an improvement of approaches and models of research takes mainly in isolation from scientific and technical progress. One of the purposes of this Competition is to renovate humanities knowledge and to expand their methodological fields, bringing new objects of research into service and improving devices and models of research.
The organizing committee of the Competition invites innovative methods of research that transcend traditional boundaries 

Canons of Works Reviewing

The first round is held anonymously. All works are to be sent for peer-reviewing process encoded. Every member of the commission will examine the work in terms of the following criteria:
– originality and novelty of ideas
– compliance with the requirements and main topic
– clear message
– ability to raise a problem and suggest its solution good, so with this you don’t need those complex sentences above anyway

Competition Bonus Funds

1. Jury
– All works will be reviewed by the expert international jury;
– The Jury’s decision in all stages is final and may not be changed or appealed against.

2. Prizes and awards
Everyone who was accepted for the Second round will receive a certificate and a chance to participate in the next Competition.
Winners of the Competition will gain prize money (3000 euro – 1st prize, 2000 euro – 2nd prize, 1000 euro – 3rd prize).
The organizing committee reserves the right to award special prizes for participants who did not get the first three awards.
After the Competition has finished the Organizing Committee has the right to publish works which won the first round.

Conditions for Applications

An application for participation in the First round of the Competition must consist of the following documents
1. Competitive work. Requirements for works: it should not exceed 3000 words. The genre is not regulated. Material included in the work should be new research and cannot be partly or fully published or presented in open events (university discussions, conferences etc.). Works are to be sent in *doc or *docx formats. Name or Surname cannot be indicated in the work. Title of the work is required.
2. Annotation and keywords. Requirements: no more than 150 words (annotation) and 10 (keywords).
3. Biography. It should contain information about main publications, work experience, place of study.
4. Photocopy or scan of Passport or ID
5. For those who apply for bachelor and masters studies level – confirmation from the University of the Place of study and level.
6. Photo (in color, resolution of no less than 300 dpi)

Admission fee

All participants should pay 100 euro admission fee in their account on the website


General Rules and Other Information

1. The official language of the Competition is English. All articles are to be sent in English. This decision was made in order to make the Competition available for all groups of researchers. For the reason that there is no limitation in nationality or place of living, all papers written grammatically clearly and lexically suitable for reading and expert evaluation will be accepted for the Competition. There is no necessity to be a native speaker in English, though we recommend that texts are proof-read by an English speaking person. The last position is not a requirement and does not in any way influence the reviewers’ decision.
2. All documents should be uploaded in the private account on the website of the competition (
3. Everybody who is under 35 can participate in the competition.
4. The type and subject of education is not restricted.
5. The deadline of the Competition-2013 is March, 1st, 2013.
6. The organizing committee reserves the rights to make the final decision of all questions raised during the competition.
7. In case of breach of the Competition order or wrong execution of application and absence of all required documents, the Organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify a participant. 
8. The Center for New Technology in the Arts “Art-parkING” has exclusive rights for broadcasting, translation, audio and video recording, publication, production and distributing materials in all rounds of the Competition and also all events of it, incl. opening and closing ceremonies.
9. Participation in the Competition means agreement with all foregoing conditions. In case of breaching the Competition conditions the Organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify a participant from all prizes.

All questions about participation, media contacts and collaboration are to be sent to  
For any questions contact Lidia Ader: +79117657640 (Russia)

General information about the competition is available on