Call for Papers. 3rd International Conference „Music And Sound Design In Film & New Media“

On 12-14 September, 2019, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre shall be welcoming the 3rd International Conference „Music and Sound Design in Film & New Media: Soundscapes and Immersive Sound“. 

For the third time, the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre is organizing the event Music and Sound in Film and New Media. Previous editions included the subtopics History and Challenges (2015) and When Theory Meets Practice (2017). Now, in 2019, the conference will focus on Soundscapes and Immersive Sound, on creating a space for researchers, composers, sound artists and teachers to share knowledge and experience and to gain practical insights into the role and tools of this particular field in the context of Music and Sound in Film and New Media.


  • Changes in the role and function of music in film/new media
  • Historical and theoretical aspects of immersive sound and soundscapes
  • Music as soundscape versus soundscape as music
  • The craft and the business of immersive sound
  • Case studies of film music and sound design practices
  • The practice of teaching soundtracks
  • Future media film sound (crossovers of film, TV and gaming, 360 video/audio, virtual reality, interactivity, personalization, etc.)

Topics are to be discussed from various perspectives – those of the composer, the director, the theorist, the industry expert, etc.

The FORMAT OF THE SYMPOSIUM consists of a series of keynotes, presentations and masterclasses over the course of 3 days, including individual breakout sessions where delegates will be able to discuss issues with presenters in more depth. We pursue a 20-min presentation + 10-min discussion model for delegates and 40-min presentation + 20-min discussion model for keynote speakers and masterclasses. The language of the conference is English.


To register for the conference, just fill in an online application form.

Deadline for submissions – June 1.

Selection of candidates – June 15.

Deadline for participant registration – July 1.

The conference fee is €150. This includes reception, coffee breaks and other conference essentials.

The structure of the 2019 event includes an International Workshop for Students (September 8-11, 2019). The symposium will start with an afternoon arrival on Wednesday, September 11 and a presentation of the workshop results in the evening. The workshop will be focusing on mixing music and sound for 360-degree (virtual reality) videos and will be conducted in the facilities of the Music Innovation Studies Centre of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

The main programme of the symposium will be supported by a rich cultural programme which will include film screenings and concerts of immersive music.

Prof. Antanas Kučinskas PhD, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee 
(conferences and topics)

Giedrė Kabašinskienė, International Projects Coordinator
(marketing, public relations and logistics)

Rima Rimšaitė, Head of International Relations
(guest and conference programme coordination)

Lect. Mantautas Krukauskas, composer, Head of Music Innovation Studies Centre