Faculty of Music

Prof. Deividas Staponkus
Phone: (+370  5) 261 0441
E-mail: deividas.staponkus@lmta.lt 

Darius Stoskeliūnas, darius.stoskeliunas@lmta.lt
Rasa Dzimidaitė, rasa.dzimidaite@lmta.lt
Phone: (+370 5) 262 8537

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, 2nd Building
Vilniaus str. 6-2, LT-01101 VIlnius 
Offices: 2216, 2218, 2220

The Faculty of Music consists of 20 Departments. The Faculty delivers 13 study programmes. Each week concerts are organised, master courses, which are conducted by the Lithuanian and foreign pedagogues are run. Students actively participate in international projects, festivals and competitions: in the concerts of the Festival Harmos (Portugal), the Brass academy (Estonia), Nordplus Percussion plus (Sweden), ISA summer academy and the concerts organised by it (Austria), and in the projects of the network NordOpera and others.

Students of the Faculty of Music are trained by eminent pedagogues, Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize winners: Vaclovas Augustinas, Juozas Domarkas, Petras Geniušas, Zbignevas Ibelgauptas, Donatas Katkus, Sigutė Stonytė, Asta Krikščiūnaitė, Vladimiras Prudnikovas, Irena Milkevičiūtė, Rytis Mažulis, Rūta Rikterė, Mūza Rubackytė, Raminta Šerkšnytė, Audronė Vainiūnaitė, Augustinas Vasiliauskas, Petras Vyšniauskas and others.

During the past several years the infrastructure of the Faculty has been markedly renewed: the Opera Studio has been modernised, concert halls, which are extensively used for different events, concerts, examination sessions, etc., have been renovated. The students can play new musical instruments and make use of the modern Audio-video and Information Technologies Centre, as well as the Music Innovation Studies Centre, which has specialised studies and audio research facilities, mobile acoustic space for music recordings and a unique Julius Juzeliūnas sphere of spatial sound.

LMTA artistic groups:
– Symphony orchestra of LMTA
– Girls Choir of LMTA
– Mixed Choir of LMTA
– Accordion orchestra of LMTA
– LMTA Big Band
– LMTA folk instruments orchestra
– LMTA brass band
– LMTA brass ensemble
– LMTA chamber ensembles