Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme aims to promote sustainable development of higher education. Current programme period is set to last until 2020. For higher education institutions, the LMTA among them, programme supports collaboration opportunities with partner institutions and exchanges of individuals – students, teachers and other staff members – throughout Europe (cooperation between programme countries, Erasmus+ KA103 activity) and beyond Europe (cooperation between programme and partner countries, Erasmus+ KA107) as well as various networking opportunities for institutions – strategic partnership, capacity building and other project based activities. 

The Academy develops cooperation and networking with EU programme support since a. y. 1999/2000. Partnership has been developed during the years and recent number of partnerships include about 140 higher education institutions (HEI) across the Europe in programme countries and with 6 HEIs in Georgia, Serbia, Israel and Senegal in partner countries.

Prioritized Erasmus+ activity is student and staff mobility which enhances performance or individuals, intercultural awareness and brings an added value to the Academy. Erasmus students for study or training are accepted at each of the three LMTA study cycles. Staff benefits from Erasmus programme by taking a teaching visit at one of the numerous partner institutions or training visit (teaching and other staff) at one of the institutions registered in Europe. Staff mobility enhances internationalization of studies (including mobility at home), and is aimed at development of teaching and learning.

European Policy Statement of the LMTA