Strategic Cooperation

LMTA participation in Erasmus+ strategic partnership projects:

INTERMUSIC – INTERactive environment for MUSIC learning and practising (2018-2020)

Goals: to create an online shared Platform for the distance learning for music teaching/learning and sharing the best training practices for musicians, joint courses and online projects.

Expected results: development of open INTERMUSIC platform; staff training; development of online courses; internationalisation of music curriculum supported via INTERMUSIC platform

POLART CIRCLE (2016-2019) 

Goals: new tools to question to discuss political issues through art. Polart Circle is a new platform and pedagogical framework which involves actors, directors, teachers, students, theatre professionals and amateurs representing higher performing art schools and non-governmental organizations from nine European countries. It work for development and motivation of artist, teacher, educator, emerging artist, expert and engaged citizen.

Expected results: research, workshops and practical teaching/learning sessions in European countries; development and presentation of several methodologies formalizing artistic creation processes, associating art and politics; development of open online courses Moocs (6)

METRIC – Modernizing European Higher Music Education through Improvisation (2016-2018)

Goals: new and innovative approaches to improvisation teaching and learning, future perspectives of improvisation, networking and continuous collaboration.

Project results: online ‘Teaching and Learning Manual on Improvisation’ and 3 Joint EU Modules on improvisation, all of which have been developed within the scope of the project.

LMTA shared ownership: joint European module „International Collaboration in Contemporary Improvisation“. Module is optional (elective), available to 3rd and 4th year bachelor students of all music performance specializations, 3 ECTS for one Semester.

ECMA – NEXT STEP (2016-2018)

Goals: new content for European Chamber Music Academy training programme – curriculum, mobility, European chamber music expertise.

Project results: ECmaster – Joint European Master’s Programme for Chamber Music (launched in 2019), and chamber music teaching/learning manual.

ACTA Actor Training in a Globalised World (2017-2019) 

Goals: exploration of global challenges and development of curriculum, new methods of actor‘s training. Project was interrupted in 2018.

Entrepreneurial Challenges to Theatre Higher Education (2017-2019)