“Marie Cardona”. Performance

2019 March 17, Sunday, 19:00

LMTA Theatre Manufactury (T. Kosciuškos 12, Vilnius)


Marie CardonaPerformance

Director: Agnius Jankevičius 
Author: Eleonora Baker 
Acrtess: Gabrielė Ladygaitė 
Visual effects: Total Strangers Ltd 
Sound effects: Mighty God Records 
Production: Kaunas Chamber Theatre 
Co-production: Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Once Marie gets hit on the head. Then she gets hit again. And again. 
After a while, Marie understands she has a problem and this problem opens up her eyes  – she is different from everyone else. This is how Marie’s long journey to the Society of the Right People starts. Her destination is what those whose eyes always turn red and who never get hit on the head call Feelings.

When Eleonora Baker, the author of the play, received a proposal to write the stage adaptation of The Outsider by Albert Camus, she took a slightly different way. 
“Everyone knows Meursault, the main character of the novel; however, I’d like to raise a question. Who is Marie Cardona, Meursault’s lover, just occasionally appearing in the novel, and what happens to her? Who is she and where is she now?”

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Limited seating available. Priority tickets (“Balkono žetonai”/“Balcony chips”) will be distributed 30 min before the beginning of the of the play at the location of the event.