“PRA”. Mono-performance

2019 March 18, Monday, 19:00 
LMTA Balcony Theatre (Gedimino Ave. 42, Vilnius)


“PRA”. Mono-performance

One-Act Monoplay for an Aspiring Actor by Justas Tertelis

Creative team:
Karolis Norvilas
Viktorija Kuodytė
Giedrius Gurevičius
Justas Žilinskas

Duration: 50 min. 
Première: 2018 April 22, LMTA Balcony Theatre. 
Instructions and warning: during the play, a stroboscopic effect and theatre smoke effect is used. 

A sincere story about myself and about everyone who belongs to a captivating and magic world of the theatre that casts a spell upon us with its truths and lies. 

About an open, light-hearted and restless approach of an aspiring actor towards the theatre, here and now. About how he currently sees the theatre, what he agrees with, what and who he blames, and what seems important for him. The actor is telling us about the very beginning of the career, about his beginning of acting on the stage, about the love and responsibility for the career. Why is it hard to start? Are you born to become an actor? And, what seems the most important for an actor?

This is what a young actor is telling us about, and his poem is so honest:

“Dear audience, everything we create is for you. Even the advertising of a performance is for you. To grab your interest, to attract you and bring you here, where we are… And then, when the lights fade out, when you hear the music, when the curtains rise, I’ll be there standing in front of you – this will be the long-awaited beginning for me and you.”

Yours sincerely, 
Young, Aspiring Actor.

All events of the festival are free-of-charge.

Limited seating available. Priority tickets (“Balkono žetonai”/“Balcony chips”) will be distributed 30 min before the beginning of the of the play at the location of the event.