The first Virtual Audition for singers in Copenhagen

The first virtual audition has been held on May 24th in Copenhagen, at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

This is a part of development project supported by Nordplus higher education programme, coordinated by the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Project partners: The Royal Danish Academy of Music and Oulu Appiled Arts University, School of Music Dance and Media.

Twenty two singers from three partner schools participated in the audition by performing for professional opera agents. Four LMTA students performed live in Copenhagen, and four students participate virtually, at the Music Innovation Studies Centre of LMTA, live stream via Polycom system. Names of LMTA students who participated in the audition: Eglė Gabrielė Stundžiaitė, Žygimantas Jasiūnas, Erika Kviatkovskaja, Anastasia Lebedyantseva, Agnė Buškevičiūtė, Aurelija Stasiulytė, Monika Kučinska, and Ieva Juozapaitytė.

„Virtual Audition“ project got funded for the next academic year, and will be coordinated by partners in Oulu (Finland).

2018 05 24