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Internationalization at the Academy is recognized as an important tool tool for constant improvement, therefore, internationalization is a natural part of the studies (teaching and learning, creative and artistic activities, research and artistic research). LMTA students are encouraged to build their international profiles and personal networks worldwide, and to develop intercultural skills by taking one semester or at least two months studying or training abroad as interns. A wide range of opportunities such as the Erasmus+ programme and Nordplus student exchange programmes are available for everyone, scholarships are offered.

European cooperation is a central activity and includes numerous exchanges of students and teachers supported by the Erasmus+ programme with about 140 higher education institutions throughout Europe, and partnerships in strategic networks “ECMA – next step” and METRIC.

Academic mobility is the prioritized activity. Every year about 40 teachers go abroad for teaching visits, and about 10-15 for training. More than 70 exchange teachers give lectures, seminars, workshops and masterclasses for LMTA students.

About 4 percent of the LMTA students anually participate in mobility activities (studies or placement) in frames of Erasmus, Nordplus and other mobility programmes, and about 25 percent of students participate in a short-term mobility, i.e. intensive courses, international orchestra sessions, theatre festivals and summer academies, artistic and creative residencies, film festivals, creative laboratories, seminars, workshops, artistic, collaborative, research activities.

A strategic priority of the Academy is Nordic-Baltic cooperation realized by networking. LMTA is a partner of ten Nordplus networks:
Sibelius (classical music), Nordpuls (jazz), NordOpera (opera studies and professional integration), folk music network Nordtrad, music pedagogy network NNME, Baltic-Nordic Music Therapy network, Nordplus horizontal network Percussion plus, interdisciplinary network ECA (explorations of music and dance in collaborative arts), network for art entreneurship ActinArt, and Norteas (theatre schools ).

Academy also belongs to international Innovative Conservatoire network ICON, and actively participates in various activities supported by international associations:

– AEC The European Association of Conservatoires
– ANMA Association of Nordic Academies of Music
– EDE The European Theatre Schools Association
– ECMA The European Chamber Music Academy and Association
– ECMTA The European Chamber Music Teachers Association
– E:UTSA Europe: Union of Theatre Schools and Academies
– CILECT: The International Association of Film and Television Schools

Global networking is extended to countries outside EU and includes Belarus, Georgia, Serbia, Ukrain as well as China, Israel, Indonesia, and USA.