(English) Academic calendar



AUTUMN semester

September 3:                       Opening of the Academic Year
September 4:                       Information day for freshmen
September 4–10:                Timetables for one-to-one courses
September 7:                       Deadline for registration to optional courses
October 24–November 8: Interim evaluations
November 2–16:                  Student symphony orchestra session
December 17–21:                 Autumn session: pass/fail tests
December 24–January 1:  Christmas holiday
January 2–24:                      Autumn session: exams
January 28–31:                    Retake of exams / Winter holiday 

SPRING semester 

February 4:                           Beginning of Spring Semester
February 4–8:                      Timetables for one-to-one courses 
February 8:                           Deadline for registration to optional courses
March 18:                               Deadline for final exam programmes/paper topics
March 25–April 4:               Interim evaluations
March 28–April 4:               Student symphony orchestra session
April 12:                                  Final date for retakes for graduating students
April 19–23:                          Easter holiday
May 2–31:                              Final exams for graduating students
May 27–31:                            Spring Session: pass/fail tests 
June 3–21:                            Spring session: exams for MA and MA students
June 25–28:                         Retake of exams / Summer holiday from June 25
June 21:                                  Diploma Awards Ceremony


AUTUMN semester:   September 1–January 15
SPRING semester:     
February 1–June 15