(English) Grading System


LMTA uses two systems for evaluating students’ work: ten-point-scale and pass/fail. Courses that do not end with examinations are assessed using pass/fail system: “įskaityta” (passed) and “neįskaityta” (not passed). 

Examinations, final examinations and final art projects are assessed by marks from 1 to 10. The minimal passing grade is 5 (sufficient).

  • Pass – 10 (excellent: excellent performance, outstanding knowledge and skills), 9 (very good: strong performance, good knowledge and skills), 8 (good: above the average performance, knowledge and skills), 7 (highly satisfactory: average performance, knowledge and skills with unessential shortcomings), 6 (satisfactory: below average performance, knowledge and skills with substantial shortcomings), 5 (sufficient: knowledge and skills meet minimum criteria).
  • Fail – 4, 3, 2, and 1 (knowledge and skills do not meet minimum criteria/below minimum criteria and are insufficient).

Grading distribution:the statistical distribution is based on the LMTA grades given over the previous two years in study programmes of the study field of Art and Humanities (ISCED code 02). Grading distribution for the academic year 2017-2018 will be published in Autumn of 2018.