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(English) Courses for Exchange Students


LMTA offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studies in Music (Music Performance, Music Studies, Composition, Musical Folklore study programmes), Theatre (Theatre Art, Drama Directing study programmes), Film (Film Art study programme), Dance (Dance, Dance Subcultures study programme), Management (Arts Management study programme) and Humanities (Art Theory study programme). Artistic doctorate (4-year third-cycle studies) is available. See Course Catalogue for a full list of Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes:

Course Catalogue

List of optional subjects for Autumn semester 2020-2021 study year: 

 Subject  Credits  Teacher
 Contemporary Lithuanian Theatre: Names and Styles  3 ECTS   (Bachelor)  Lect. Vaidas Jauniškis
 Public Speaking in English as a Foreign Language: How to Speak So They Listen  3 ECTS   (Bachelor)  Lect. Viltė Gridasova
 Creative Writing  3 ECTS   (Bachelor)  Lect. Dr. Gabrielė Labanauskaitė
 International Collaboration in Contemporary  Improvisation (for students with music competences)  3 ECTS   (Bachelor)   Assist. Arnas Mikalkėnas
Basics of Acoustics  3 ECTS   (Bachelor)  Prof. Dr. Rytis Ambrazevičius
 Suzuki Method  3 ECTS   (Bachelor)  Assoc. Prof. Vesta Grabštaitė
Lithuanian New Music Links With Modern Western Music  3 ECTS (Bachelor)  Prof. Mindaugas Urbaitis

Registration for optional subjects will be open on September 1-7.


LMTA optional subjects schedule.

After registration period, students will receive e-mail confirming successful registration.

*NB! The course may be cancelled if less than 3 students register.