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(English) Entrance examinations


The entrance examination in 2021 will take place remotely. 

If you have already completed the online centralized admission application form (for Bachelor’s, for Master’s), please fill in the required information and upload the audition programme video to YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud Google drive or another platform and attach the URL/link to the form you find below depending on the programme (specialization) you are applying for. The form must be completed no later than 24 hours before the beginning of the entrance examination, which is indicated in the timetable of entrance examinations.

The interview will take place remotely at the time indicated in the exam timetable, a link to which you will receive by your email.


Those who have chosen Music Studies specialisations either in Electronic Music or Composition have to send the scores in pdf format (name_surname_description.pdf) separately by e-mail kompozicija.ba@lmta.lt


Those who have chosen Composition specialisations either in Academic Composition or Digital technologies have to send the scores in pdf format (name_surname_description.pdf) separately by e-mail kompozicija.ma@lmta.lt

If you have any questions please contact by email admission@lmta.lt