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ECTS Credits System

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulations System (ECTS) is used as a tool for credit accumulation and transfer based on principles of transparency or teaching and learning, and assessment. The key documents are the LMTA Course Catalogue, which includes a description of Learning Outcomes, assessment and ECTS credits; the mobility documents Learning Agreement and Transcript of Records; and a diploma supplement. In Lithuania, ECTS credits replaced national credits from the academic year 2012-2013. 

ECTS credits are based on the student’s workload, which is needed to achieve the intended learning outcomes. One academic year corresponds to 60 ECTS credits, while 30 ECTS credits correspond to one study semester. The student workload ranges from 1,500 to 1,800 hours for an academic year, and one credit corresponds to 25-30 hours of work.