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A free-mover is a visiting student who is not a part of any exchange based on inter-university agreements and who registers for a short study period according to an individual study programme. Such studies do not lead to a degree or professional qualification. 

Free-movers are required to pay tuition fees, the amount of which depends on their individual study plan and the number of contact hours assigned to the courses chosen by the student. Free-movers are not required to pass an entrance examination; however, the application will be followed by a test to rate your level of performance. 

Application documents required:

  • An DVD with 20-30 minutes of recorded performance or/and „portfolio“;
  • Passport copy;
  • Application form;
  • Housing application form (if if you apply for a dormitory);
  • Certificate in level of English or Russian language proficiency (at least B1).

Deadlines for applications are:

  • June 1 for the Autumn Semester or all Academic Year;
  • November 1 for the Spring Semester.

Application documents should be sent by post. Postal address: 

             Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
             Gedimino Ave. 42
             LT-01110 Vilnius