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Jūratė Sodytė Bradauskienė

Associate Professor at the Opera Studio of LMTA Department of Vocal PerformanceSubjects: Opera Studio. Languages: English (C1), Russian (C2), Polish (B2). 

Jūratė Sodytė Bradauskienė is a movement director, associate opera director, and opera director.

A graduate of the National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Art, Jūratė earned her degree from the Academy of Dance at the International Slavic University (Ukraine). After the graduation, until 2003, she was a ballet soloist at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre; and in 1992-1995, she was a ballet soloist at the Opera Krakowska (Poland).

Many years of work have provided Jūratė Sodytė Bradauskienė with the opportunity to collaborate with numerous creative teams and performers from different countries and gain international work experience.

Since 2003, Jūratė Sodytė Bradauskienė has worked as a choreographer, an associated opera director and an opera director at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. As an associated opera director, she has worked with famous stage directors Eimuntas Nekrošius, Anthony Minghella, Carolyn Choa, Robert Wilson, Günter Krämer, Graham Vick, Emilio Sagi, David Alden, Vasily Barkhatov, Jean-Claude Berutti, Andrea De Rosa, Oskaras Koršunovas, and many others.

As an opera director and an associate opera director, Jūratė Sodytė Bradauskienė has worked at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Israeli Opera, the Guangzhou Opera (China), San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Spain), Teatro Petruzzelli (Italy), Teatro Lirico di Cagliari (Italy), the Mikhailovsky Theatre (Russia), Klaipeda State Music Theatre (Lithuania), and the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society. Choreographer Jūratė Sodytė Bradauskienė has cooperated with acclaimed professionals such as, among others, Vladimir Vasiliev, Andrej Melanjin, Monika Wiesler, and Krzysztof Pastor.

In addition to her creative activity, Jūratė Sodytė Bradauskienė has been eagerly involved in the academic field. In 2006-2016, she was Head of Dance Pedagogy and Performing Arts Department of Vilniaus Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences, where she coordinated the Musical Theatre studies. In 2016, Jūratė Sodytė Bradauskienė joined the staff of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and since then has been working with aspiring opera singers as an opera director and teacher.

Jūratė Sodytė Bradauskienė is a frequent member of evaluation committees at various TV shows Šok su manimi (Dance with Me), So You Think You Can Dance, Šok! (Dance!), Kadagys (Juniper).