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The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre carries out fundamental arts and applied research in the fields of humanities, social sciences, art studies, education, and management. The LMTA offers PhD degrees in Art Studies, Ethnology, Music, and Theatre and Cinema. Artistic Doctorate Studies in Music are offered in the English language.

Scientific research is carried out by various LMTA departments (e.g., the departments of Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Art History and Theory, Pedagogy and others) and by the Department of Ethnomusicology under the LMTA Research Centre. The Research Committee is responsible for the strategy of scientific activity, which is further developed and coordinated by the Research Centre. The Publishing Centre organises and carries out the publication of scientific and other kinds of publications. Doctoral studies are supervised by the Department of Doctoral Studies at the Research Centre.

The Academy organises a variety of international and national scientific events including the traditional annual LMTA Scientific Conference (since 1977) and the music theory conference Principles of Music Composition (together with the Lithuanian Composers’ Union since 2001).

Scientific periodicals published by the LMTA: 
Lithuanian Musicology (since 2000), 
Principles of Music Composition (since 2002),
Ars et praxis (since 2013).

Some fundamental works initiated and prepared by the LMTA: 
Encyclopaedia of Music (together with the Science and Encyclopaedia Publishing Institute, three volumes, 2000-2007), 
History of the Lithuanian Music (together with the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, two volumes, 2002, 2009), 
– Coursebook The Language of Music (two parts, 2003, 2006).