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Raimondas Paškevičius

Associate Professor at the LMTA Department of Film and TelevisionSubjects: Introduction to Screenwriting, TV Screenwriting, Literary Adaptation, Methods of Creativity. Languages: English (C1), Russian (C1).

A graduate in TV Directing from the then Lithuanian State Conservatory (now – the LMTA), Raimondas Paškevičius is now successfully involved in a wide range of film-, TV- and literature-related activities. He is an author and director of popular comedy and drama series on TV, an author and director of several TV and radio shows in Lithuania. Raimondas Paškevičius co-authored the screenplay for the feature film Nereikalingi žmonės (English title: Loss; 2008) that won the Best Director and Best Music Awards at the Shanghai International Film Festival in 2008.

In 2014-2015, Raimondas Paškevičius was a member of the Lithuanian Cinema Council that allocates State support to the Lithuanian film industry.

Together with other LMTA colleagues, Raimondas Paškevičius has developed the Screenwriting study programme at LMTA, and now for a decade has supervised this programme. Associate Professor Raimondas Paškevičius teaches students the basics of screenwriting, TV screenwriting, literary adaptation, and methods of creativity.

As a writer, Raimondas Paškevičius has published several books of fairy-tales and has co-authored two novels. Besides, he has written several scripts for theatrical performances.

From the several aspirations Raimondas is trying to fulfil, the most ambitious one has been his desire to apply the theory and practice of storytelling in film and television to the social sphere and business. For this reason, Raimondas is a frequent participant in international conferences and projects on storytelling and he also leads trainings on Storytelling for Marketing and Communication, and Storytelling in Education.