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Vytautas Dambrauskas

Associate Professor at the LMTA Department of Film and Television, Head of the Department. Subjects: Grammar of the Cinema Language, Short Genres (Advertising and Music Video), Advertising Script and Analysis, Montage (Theory and Practice). Languages: English (C1), Russian (C1). 

Vytautas Dambrauskas (b. 1983) is an advertising director, a teacher, and the coordinator of the Montage study programme at the Department of Film and Television of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA). Already during his studies at the LMTA, where Vytautas Dambrauskas earned his BA in Video Directing and MA in Film Editing, the young filmmaker created several short-length films that entered Lithuanian and international film festivals.

During his more than 15 years of working as an advertising director, Vytautas Dambrauskas has directed and edited commercials for such brands as Heineken, Vinted, Nord VPN, Electrolux, Santa Bremor, Carlsberg, Lidl – and they all have been broadcast around the world: in the USA, the UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, among others.

Vytautas Dambrauskas has also created TV films – two of them, both documentaries Diena po rytojaus (The Day After Tomorrow) and 2020. Skrydis atšauktas (The 2020 Flight Cancelled), were broadcast on the commercial TV.

Besides being an active participant of the advertising market, Vytautas Dambrauskas is eager to share his experience with students. He has been on the staff of the LMTA Department of Film and Television since 2013. Apart from teaching a number of subjects, Vytautas coordinates the Montage study programme and supervises one of the student groups.

Vytautas Dambrauskas’ specialisation is short visual storytelling: he gives lectures and leads workshops on the basics of the use of the cinema language in visual narrative, the dramatic construction of short plots, mise-en-scenes, advertising directing, and montage.