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Vytis Puronas

Associated Professor and a course supervisor at the LMTA Department of Film and TelevisionSubjects: Feature Film Background Sound Effects, Interactive Sound Design with Pure Data, Film Audio Restoration, Developing “Signature Sound”, Modular Synthesisers for Sound Design. Languages: English (C2).

Vytis Puronas is a film sound designer and re-recording mixer whose work encompasses audio post production, restoration, VR, electronic music, and interactive art. He is also an Associated Professor and a course supervisor at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA).

Vytis Puronas holds BA in Architecture (2005) from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and in 2008 he earned MA in Sound Arts from LCC, University of the Arts in London.

Since 2005, Vytis Puronas has worked in-house for London Soho-based post production houses including Molinare, VODE and Digit for clients such as BBC, National Geographic and BT Vision. He was in charge of the sound restoration of The Anthology of Lithuanian Documentary Cinema 1962-1995. Music by Vytis Puronas has been published under Partyzanai Pop record label – Bleach Cult “Summertime Whiteout” LP (2020), Soy Farm “Obsession” LP (2010). Vytis Puronas has been nominated for the Silver Crane Award for Best Sound (2020) with Oleg, a feature-length film directed by Juris Kursietis.

Vytis Puronas’ most recent credits include the following:

  Title   Director   Country
  O2 (2020)   Margus Paju   Estonia
  Oleg (2019)   Juris Kursietis   Latvia
  Community Gardens (2019)   Vytautas Katkus   Lithuania
  Nova Lituania (2019)   Karolis Kaupinis   Lithuania
  Nijole (2019)   Sandro Bozzolo   Italy / Colombia
  Trails of Angels VR (2018)   Kristina Buožytė   Lithuania
  Trote (2018)   Xacio Baño   Spain

Filmography:  Vytis Puronas – IMDb

Talks / Articles by Vytis Puronas:

  • Sonic Taxidermy: A Frankenstein Approach to Motion Picture Sound Design. CNA Sound and Storytelling, 2018. Chapman University, California, United States. 
  • Letting it Be: Resisting the Temptation to Improve. GEECT Conference 2017. Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Sonic Hyperrealism: Illusions of a Non-Existent Aural Reality. “The New Soundtrack“ Journal. Volume 4 (2014). Edinburgh University Press, UK.
  • No Man’s Land with Simon Reuben White, 2009. Elevator Gallery, London, UK.
  • Audio Forensics, 2008. IMT Gallery, London, UK. 
  • Sonic Hyperrealism. Expo Unconference 2008. Brighton, UK.