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LMTA students and teachers – at the workshop in Helsinki!

From August 28 to September 2, in Helsinki, LMTA students and teachers participated in the workshop “Sensitivity – Power – Borders” organized by the “Nordplus-Norteas” network.

Workshop participants from 8 countries and 10 different schools discussed the problem of power relations in art and art education. More than 50 participants from Northern European countries, in mixed groups of teachers and students, shared their experiences and creatively looked at issues of openness, hierarchy and looked for solutions, which chould improve the work of institutions that educate artists.

LMTA in Helsinki was represented by 4 students of Theater and Film, Klaipėda Faculties and lecturer, director Augustas Gornatkevičius and lecturer of Applied Theater Raimonda Agnė Medeišienė.


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2023 09 08