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Aušra Liutkutė workshop „Vocal technique in different age groups“

2023 March 29, 11:00-15:30
LAMT Klaipėda Faculty Concert Hall (K. Donelaičio Str. 4, Klaipėda)

Aušra Liutkutė workshop „Vocal technique in different age groups“

In this workshop:
– we will learn vocal techniques from the youngest to the oldest performer;
– we will look for ways to find and in what ways to promote the performer’s motivation;
– we will discuss the teacher-student relationship, how to create a strong and meaningful connection;
– we will delve into the concept of interpretation of the work in detail and how to help the student learn to interpret;
– we will discuss the possibilities of the repertoire and where to look for it.

The aim of the workshop is to provide theoretical and practical skills on vocal techniques at various age stages; discuss possible ways of adapting the repertoire.

The seminar is intended for:
– for music/vocal teachers;
– for leaders of music ensembles and choirs;
– for people working with vocal performers and musical groups of different ages.

The seminar is paid. 50% discount applies to members of the LAMT community.

Registration: https://forms.gle/424dPT484yzTXYgp7

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