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Regina Marozienė

Lecturer at the LMTA Department of Folk Instruments, Doctor of Humanities. Subjects: History of Folk Music Instruments, Supervision of Research and Theses. Languages: English (C1), Russian (C1). 

Regina Marozienė (Vaišnoraitė, b. 1978) is a kanklės music performer. She earned her master’s degree in Performing Arts (kanklės) (supervised by Professor Lina Naikelienė) from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA) in 2003. In 2002, she followed an apprenticeship programme within Erasmus at the Sibelius Academy (Helsinki, Finland). Later, she completed doctoral studies and was awarded PhD in Humanities (Art Studies, Musicology) at the LMTA. Her research, supervised by Prof. Dr. habil. Daiva Vyčinienė, was dedicated to kanklės — an authentic Lithuanian plucked string instrument — and titled The Lithuanian Kanklės in the Concert and the Academic Performance of Kanklės Music: Their Origin, Development, and Prospects (in the 20th Century and the Beginning of the 21st Century).

Regina Marozienė also teaches at secondary school: since 2002, she has worked as a kanklės expert teacher at Šiauliai Saulius Sondeckis Gymnasium of Arts and Music and in 2020, she became the school principal.

As a kanklės soloist and a member of the kanklės trio Aušrinė, Regina Marozienė is an eager participant of numerous cultural events in Lithuania and abroad. She is a laureate of many national and international competitions.

Regina Marozienė boasts a significant project management experience: she has been successfully running several international cultural projects such as Pranas Stepulis International Festival and Contest for Chamber Instrumental Folk Music Ensembles (since 2004) and The International Children and Youth Folk Music Festival Tūto (since 2001).

Regina Marozienė’s creative activity is extremely diverse: she is a conductor of the kanklės concert May the Kanklės Play of the Lithuania’s Song Celebration, a member of the jury boards at national and international national instrumental competitions in Lithuania, Latvia, and Russia; a member of the Council of Folk Music at the Lithuanian National Culture Centre. Besides, since 2011, she has been a member of the Panel of Cultural Experts at the Šiauliai Municipality (Lithuania); a reader and reviewer of multiple methodological publications; and a member of the Lithuanian Folk Instrumental Music Association Kanklės (since 2000).

As a researcher, Regina Marozienė is interested in national Lithuanian and world musical instruments and the music performed with these instruments and its development. She is known for being an active editor and compiler of scientific and methodological publications. The researcher has published over 40 scientific and journalist papers and articles in peer-reviewed scholarly Lithuanian and foreign publications. You may often see Regina Marozienė among participants of international scientific and methodological conferences in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Israel. She also enjoys leading master classes.