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Artistic Activities

The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA) is an active participant in the field of Lithuanian culture and art. Most LMTA events and projects are closely related to the studies offered by the Academy and are a result of the creativity brought about during the education process.

By organising a wide range of concerts, theatre and contemporary dance performances, film screenings, festivals, international and national competitions, the Academy is a dynamic and important platform for the expression of young, creative energy. The Small Philharmonic Hall, the Small Drama and Dance Theatre, the Small Film Hall and the Film Studio – all these show that the principles for developing and implementing the Academy’s artistic activities are in line with this country’s major professional arts organisations. LMTA students, on having the opportunity to present their artistic activities to a wider audience, not only acquire professional knowledge and practical experience; they also improve their communication skills, meet spectators and perform their first professional creative works in public.

All LMTA community members – students, teachers, administrative and infrastructure staff and those working in culture-related fields – are passionate participants of the LMTA’s artistic activities.

The Academy boasts several concert, theatre and cinema halls, a modern spatial sound sphere and the Audio-Visual Arts Industry Incubator established together with LMTA partners. The LMTA has developed effective cooperation links with professional arts institutions and social partners in Vilnius, Klaipėda and other Lithuanian cities and towns as well as foreign countries.

The Academy hosts about 500 events annually, prepared either during the study process or as an outcome of arts projects supported by various funds and initiated by the Academy’s Art Centre to represent the LMTA community.  A repertoire of events is renewed on a monthly basis. Most of the events are free and open to a wide audience. The creative processes taking place in the Academy’s classrooms and halls generate various formats for future culture and art. 

Projects implemented by the LMTA.