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Apply now! ECMAster admission to the LMTA in Vilnius

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre invites young chamber ensembles to study the joint programme European Chamber Music Master – ECMAster. As an EMCAster student, you receive advanced training in chamber music performance, study with inspiring professors at leading institutions in different European countries, and refine your musical presentation, communication and technical skills as an ensemble musician.

Application is open, entrance exams in Vilnius – on March 16th of 2020. More information you can find HERE

Application deadline – February 15thAPPLICATION FORM

Who is eligible? 
The programme is open to established ensembles with a standard instrument combination (with a minimum of three ensemble members): 
– String quartets 
– Piano trios 
– String trios 
– Piano quartets 
– Wind quintets 
Brass quintets 
– Saxophone quartets 
– Other ensembles (see the General programme description for more information)

Eligibility requirements
– Member of an established ensemble 
– All Ensemble Members must apply at the same institution

Joint admission criteria 
All applicants must possess the skills and experience listed below at a level sufficient for them to meet the requirements of this programme of study both individually and as an ensemble.

Applicants must
– demonstrate advanced instrumental and musical abilities 
– possess the relevant skills and experience in chamber music 
– and prove their ability to independently make and reflect upon their own artistic decisions.

Application procedure 
Submit application to the chosen institution containing a CV, a description of the ensemble’s activities and a master project proposal. Please observe carefully possible additional requirements by the institution!

– A prepared ensemble program of 60 minutes of at least three contrasting works or movements in different styles relevant for the ensemble type 
– An interview 

Chair of Admission Jury – professor Patrik Jüdt, Bern University of Arts, Switzerland.

Contact persons ECMAster in Vilnius
– Indrė Baikštytė, indre.baikstyte@lmta.lt, +370 651 29059 
– Rima Rimšaitė, rima.rimsaite@lmta.lt, +370 699 54765 

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