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Lukas Geniušas and Petras Geniušas

On 27 January 2023, the Great Hall hosted an interview with distinguished pianists, representatives of the second and third generations of the well-known Lithuanian dynasty of musicians, LMTA professors Petras and Lukas Geniušas. Who, if not a father and a son, can testify to the ability of two generations to have a conversation? The interview with the two pianists was led by Gerūta Griniūtė.

One of the most prominent pianists of Lithuania, Petras Geniušas is famous for his search for new forms of expression. Having mastered a wide repertoire of classical, romantic, and contemporary works, the pianist performs recitals and concerts in Lithuania and abroad performing together with orchestras, chamber ensembles, and other soloists. The performer is often seen accompanying drama performances, ballet, and even cabaret, or participating in projects that bring together jazz and a variety of other music genres. Petras Geniušas is eager to share all his experience and mastery with the students of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre where he is famous for being a demanding and inspiring teacher.

Lukas Geniušas, a representative of the younger generation of the Geniušas music dynasty is also one of the most compelling and outstanding pianists in Lithuania. Having started his career as a laureate of prestigious international competitions, Lukas Geniušas gives numerous concerts in Lithuania and abroad. The pianist’s repertoire is exceptionally versatile – from Baroque to contemporary music, from solo recitals to performances with orchestras and chamber music concerts.

On 27 January, in the LMTA Great Hall, the two pianists of an extraordinary talent were sharing the experience they both have in common and speaking about the differences, which initiated discussion and provided space for a conversation about common ground different generations have.

The night before the conversation, the exhibition 90 Pauses. Catch Your Luck! was enriched by an exhibit by Petras Geniušas–a bust of Ludwig van Beethoven that has been on the piano at his home since childhood.

Photo gallery, photos by G. Matkutė