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 On 2022, December 14 an Erasmus+ student concert took place at the Balcony Theatre. 

The concert was organized by Audrius Dobrovolskas, a senior specialist of the International Relations Department, together with Erasmus+ foreign students, to celebrate the upcoming holidays and the end of the autumn semester.


Kyrylo Kremenchuk (Department of Acting and Directing)
Zurab Gorgiashvili (Department of String Instruments)
Asaf Erez, Voris Sarris (Department of Composition)
Massimo Restifo Pecorella, Antonella Laguardia (Department of Wind and Percussion Instruments)
Solitaire Bachhuber (Department of Vocal Performance)
Matteo Lattarulo (Department of Piano and Organ) 
Yevheniia Tkachuk (Department of Film and Television)
Kateryna Zelinska (Department of Acting and Directing)
Voris Sarris, Anna Pohlova (Department of Dance and Movement)

We are sharing the moments of this concert!

LMTA information
2 February 2023