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The Research Center of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre is hosting the biennial Baltic musicological conference in collaboration with the RIdIM (Répertoire International d’Iconographie Musicale), held at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius 6–8 October 2022.

The theme of the conference is aimed to advance interdisciplinary investigations in and between music and visual arts. We intend to tackle both new and longstanding debates around these topics and encompass a wide range of subjects relating to how the intersections between music and visual arts are evoked and reimagined in the score, on stage, and on screen.

The conference seeks to approach the issues from diverse perspectives by exploring the historical and theoretical connections between these areas, including: 

  • Music in the Expanded Field: New Approaches to Interdisciplinarity;
  • Visualizing Music and Identity on Stage and Screen;
  • Scoring Music: From Augenmusik to Musical Graphics;
  • Iconography of Musical Instruments in Sociocultural Context;
  • Sound & Sight of Place and Space;
  • Music, Visual Culture and Gender Constructions;
  • Seeing Unseeable: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives;
  • Music Performance in Traditional and New Media;
  • Composing and Listening to Audio/visual.

To address these issues, as well as any other questions and topics related to the music and visual culture in the widest sense, we present “Music and Visual Culture: Score, Stage & Screen”, the biennial Baltic musicological conference 2022, held at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius 6–8 October 2022.

The evening program is accompanied with the concerts marking the centenary of ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music). ISCM Lithuanian Section holds the International Lithuanian Music Dissemination Exchange together with the Japan Federation of Composers Inc. (JFC) giving the concerts in Vilnius on October 7 and 8, with the participation of performers playing traditional Japanese instruments. They are shakuhachi virtuoso Reison Kuroda and koto performer Nobutaka Yoshizawa. Japanese musicians together with Lithuanian performers will play music by Japanese and Lithuanian contemporary composers. Furthermore, the electronic music project AMBISONIC is presently organized. The concerts marking the anniversary of ISCM are to be held in the hall of Vytautas Kasiulis Museum of Art and in Julius Juzeliūnas Spatial Sound Sphere of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Schedule of the Baltic Musicological Conference

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Online broadcasts via LMTA Youtube channel. October 6:

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