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Three-Party Online Concert to Precede ANMAtalks Meeting

On April 26, ANMA (The Association of Nordic Music Academies) rectors, international office coordinators, and students met remotely in ANMAtalks. The meeting was preceded with a three-party improvisation music concert — the first in the region to be open to public and using a low-latency and high-quality audio and video transmission system LoLa.

The event ran on LoLa version 2.0 that enabled three remotely located musicians to perform simultaneously. Back in 2020, LoLa founders were the first in world to launch the trials of three-party performances. While the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre has been using technologies for remote music teaching and performing since 2011, it started working with LoLa in 2018 by applying a 10 Gb connection and other specialised equipment provided by LITNET — the Lithuanian Research and Education Network — particularly for such simultaneous real-time performances.

Sound Director of the LMTA Music Innovation Studies Centre Vytenis Gadliauskas, an internationally competitive specialist of audio-visual and network systems who takes part in international strategic partnership and European GEANT network projects, provided the ANMA partners with a unique opportunity to demonstrate high-quality audio and video remote music performance in real time. The short improvisational piece was performed by percussionist Dominykas Snarskis (LMTA MA student in Contemporary Music), pianist Jaak Siik (the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre), and cellist Teemu Mastovaara (Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland).

The recording of the performance is available here.

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2021 04 28