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2023 May 25, Thursday, 18:00
Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Concert Hall (Katedros a. 4, Vilnius)


“Ariadne, a musical drama performed in the Regia Electoral villa of Sant’Uberto, for the solemn birthday celebration of His Highness Augustus III, King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Elector of Saxony in 1736…”. This is the dedication that opens the manuscript of the Italian late Baroque composer Giovanni Alberto Ristori (1692-1753). Ovid’s “Metamorphosis”, the unhappy love story of Ariandne and Theseus became a source of inspiration for many librettists and composers. Each librettist bent this story in the direction that the political wind was blowing at the time.
From 2020 The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater has started teaching a new master’s study program in Baroque opera, which gives singers the opportunity to specialize in the performance of early music through the genre of Baroque opera.
May 25 The opera will be performed in the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania by a joint team of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian students and professional early music performers, specially gathered for this opera. Students are helped by the Latvian conductor and harpsichordist Maris Kupčs, lecturer first baroque violin Laura Šarova, lecturer and doctor of art, baroque music singer Rūta Vox, lecturer and baroque and contemporary music singer Monta Martinsone, to help students touch the manuscript notes, libretto, and music performance of late baroque operas. and choreographer, director, dancer Jūratė Širvytė. The staging of the opera is a combination of modern directorial decisions and historically informed performance. The idea of directing the opera was inspired by the first sentence of Stefano Pallavicino’s libretto “Arianna”:
“The action takes place on the coast of the island of Naxos…”.

Artistic director: Māris Kupčs
Director: Jūratė Širvytė

Nora Kalniņa (Ariadnė)
Simona Jocevičiūtė (Klimėnė)
Arūnas Maliukas (Silėnas)
Rūdis Cebulis (Arijonas)
Vilius Tumalavičius (Bakchas)
Olga Gomonova (Gliaukas)
Māris Kupčs (basso continuo / harpsichord)
Laura Šarova (first baroque violin)

Doc. Māris Kupčs
Lect. dr. Rūta Vox (Vosyliūtė)
Lect. Monta Martinsone
Lect. Jūratė Širvytė-Rukštelė

United Baroque Orchestra “Futuro” (director and conductor Māris Kupčs)

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED: https://registracija.valdovurumai.lt/y9088kwz