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MikroFest Vilnius 2021 Festival

2021 September 10, Friday


  • 11:00 
    LMTA Building 1: Julius Juzeliūnas Spatial Sound Sphere (Gedimino Ave. 42, Vilnius) 
    Lecture by Agustín Castilla-Ávila (Austria) “Microtonal Guitar Music” 
  • 18:00
    Franciscan Monastery Concert Hall (Kėdainių 8, Vilnius) 
    Concert “XAMP: The New Sound of the Accordion” 
    “DuoXamp” (accordion duet, France) 
    Juan Arroyo – Sospeso 
    Jonah Haven – I burn a million years 
    Julien Malaussena – Ateliers modulables 
    Justina Repečkaitė – Micro mixtures 
    Pascale Criton – Wander Steps 
  • 19:30
    Franciscan Monastery Concert Hall (Kėdainių 8, Vilnius) 
    Concert: Linnéa Sundfær Casserly (recorder, Norway, Finland)
    Makoto Shinohara – Fragmente 
    Mauro Agagliate – Dies Mei Transierunt… Libera Me 
    Vytautas Germanavičius – Mane nužudė banano medis 
    Peter Kőszeghy – Schach (Chess) 
    Antonis Rouvelas – Viomata II 
    Maki Ishii – Black Intention

Free entry, on site registration