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On August 17-20, the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA) invites doctoral students at the LMTA and other higher education institutions to Summer School for Doctoral Students in Art and Art Studies that is to take place at the LMTA Klaipėda Faculty. 

Klaipėda. Photography from Wikipedia by Mantas Volungevičius


The aim of the Summer School is to make the paradigm of artistic research site-specific for the domain of Lithuanian scientific and artistic research by expanding the concept of artistic research and honing doctoral students’ skills of developing artistic projects of higher quality and presenting them. In the last decade, artistic research, having notably escalated within the international cultural, scientific, and educational environment, promotes the appearance of new cultural and artistic products, a closer connection between artists and society, smoother development of creative innovations, and enables a more efficient cooperation between researchers and artists.

Summer School seminars and lectures present the major trends in artistic research at European higher education institutions and discuss issues arising in the process of the development of final art projects. The participants will be introduced to the strategies and methodologies for the development and modelling of such projects.

Alongside artistic research, the School will contribute to the improvement of general research competencies by enabling doctoral students to participate in seminars on academic ethics and creative writing. The academic ethics course will help the participants to gain a thorough understanding of the values and ethical principles researchers must follow; identify key ethical dilemmas; learn how to minimise misconduct in research by analysing liability and sanctions for violating research ethics; learn how to apply guidelines of ethical behaviour; and build up public trust in science. The creative writing seminar will analyse, both theoretically and practically, the possibilities of applying creative writing in artistic research. Summer School graduates will be sharing their achievements and experiences of how doctoral studies have helped them attain their creative goals.

Summer school will enable the participants — doctoral students at the LMTA and other institutions — to take part in seminars led by the most outstanding LMTA and foreign scholars and researchers, listen to their presentations, present their own research, master competencies related to academic ethics and creative writing, develop joint artistic and scientific research and to implement its dissemination.

The project is funded by the Research Council of Lithuania.

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7 June, 2021