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Sandra Rimkutė-Jankuvienė

Associate Professor and Head of the LMTA Klaipėda Faculty Department of Music, Doctor of Social Science. Teaching subjects: Introduction to Art Pedagogy, Contemporary Strategies of Art Education, Digital Technologies in Music. Foreign languages: English (C1), German (C1), Russian (B2).


  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sandra Rimkutė-Jankuvienė 
    Department of Music, LMTA Klaipėda Faculty 
    E-mail sandra.jankuviene@lmta.lt 

Research and teaching activity

Biography: In 2006, Sandra Rimkutė-Jankuvienė earned an MA in Art from the Salzburg Orff-Institut Universität Mozarteum (Austria) and in 2015 defended her PhD in Social Sciences. Her research interests range from music education to music computer technologies in art education, and teacher training. Sandra Rimkutė-Jankuvienė is actively involved in pedagogical activities: in 2013-2018, she worked as a choral singing teacher at a music school; and since 2008, she has worked at Yamaha Music School with preschool children. Since 2018, Sandra Rimkutė-Jankuvienė has been the director of the mixed choir of Šilalė Cultural Centre (Lithuania).

Dr. Sandra Rimkutė-Jankuvienė is actively engaged in the activity of several music organisations: she is a member of the Council of the Lithuanian Music Teachers Association, a member of the Lithuanian Choral Union, a member of the Council of the Lithuanian Music Olympiad for Students, a member of the Lithuanian Educational Research Association (LETA), and a member of the European Association for Music in Schools (EAS).

Dr. Sandra Rimkutė-Jankuvienė participates in various research and artistic projects, both as an organiser and coordinator. Among the most prominent projects that she has taken part in since 2018 are the Lithuanian Music Olympiad for Students (coordinator), Klaipeda International Cello Festival and Competition (coordinator), and the National Adult Choir Marathon (director, organiser). Besides, in 2017-2019, Sandra Rimkutė-Jankuvienė took part in the Erasmus + research project OFF-BOOK (2017-1-LT01-K201-035235, manager, researcher) that aimed at promoting school inclusiveness and mutual understanding among different cultures as well as contributing to the prevention of early school-leaving.