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International projects

International Relations Office coordinated project documentaries 
“Nordplus” intensive interdisciplinary courses IMMEDIA. 3D sound, 3D video. Authors: Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Finland) lecturers and students (2021)
“Nordplus” intensive courses for composition, sound design and music technologies students  “Nordplus MIX” (2017)
“Nordplus” intensive courses for composition students “Music Laboratory the PROCESS: eco music“. Filmed by Adomas Jablonskis (2013)
“Erasmus” intensive courses “We are making opera“: Anthony Turnage “Graikas” senajame operos teatre (2004)
“Erasmus” conducting courses with Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra. Filmed by Lithuanian Academy of Music Educational Film and TV studio (2000)
International project “The Magic Flute in Nida” (1998)

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre is an active partner of international projects – ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships projects (ERASMUS+ SP), ERASMUS+ Capacity Building, Creative Europe, Nordplus higher education programme intensive courses and development and other international projects.

Creative Europe project ECMA-Pro (2020-2023):  ECMA – European Chamber Music Academy is a leading further education program for young professional chamber music ensembles in Europe: educational institutions and festivals from all over Europe and beyond cooperate in promoting young formations on their way to artistic independence. ECMA Sessions are the central activity. Sessions include international coaching for young ensembles from all over Europe, which take place alternately at the various partner institutions. ECMA Pro cooperation project aims to take the existing ECMA work to another level by adding and proving new formats and activities. Twelve partner institutions from nine different European countries will realize this project cooperatively in the course of the coming four years.

ERASMUS+ SP projects:

EOALAB (2019-2021): European Opera Laboratory: Competence Centre for Shared Education. LMTA participated in the working group, which is responsible for policy recommendations for opera schools, and organizes as well as participates in the intensive EOALAB courses aimed at testing and development of Experimental Opera Laboratory study module. About the project and partners at www.eoalab.org; larger network of European Opera Schools is the European Opera Academy EOA

Alexandria Nova (2019-2021): Alexandria Nova is a network of North European directing programs. It aims to create an international and diverse learning environment for the relatively small directing programs of each national institution and make a leap forward in the awareness about pedagogical methods used. We will share and exchange practical and pedagogical knowledge and working methods to gather a broader understanding about the art of directing. This is done through a series of workshops, symposium, seminars including students as well as teachers from all partner-institutions. The goal is to create a vivid interactive digital platform, a new library called  Alexandria Nova, where students and teachers share ideas, methods and exercises in a playful way. The network will also publish a book with articles and essays by teachers involved in the project, as well as other artists, scientists and students.

• INTERMUSIC (2018-2020): platform for distance learning of various music disciplines and three pilot study modules of blended and distance courses: Music Theory and Composition, Chamber Music, and Vocal Phonetics in Foreign Languages (Italian, Russian and Danish). Project coordinated by Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Verdi, Milano. Partners: Royal Danish Academy of Music, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and association AEC. More information on project’s website http://intermusicproject.eu/

• ECMA – NEXT STEP (2016-2018): the European Chamber Music Academy – network cooperation and development project. Results – guidlines for higher music education institutions about chamber music teaching/learning, and joint master‘s programme ECMAster. More about the project, partners and the ECMA here www.ecma-music.com/en/

• METRIC (2016-2018): Modernisation of European Higher Music Education through Improvisation. Project results – joint modules, overview of improvisation teaching/learning at partner Institutions, and exercises. More about partners and project results at http://metricimpro.eu

ECTHEC (2017-2019): Entrepreneurial Challenges to Theatre Higher Education Curricula, coordinated by European network of Theatre Schools École des Écoles. Project description, activities, partners and results here.

Other projects: LMTA has coordinated a number of projects: Nordplus Intensive Course IMMEDIANORD+MIX,  Nordplus Music Laboratory the PROCESS, Nordplus Intensive Course NOMAZZ meets the Baltics, and hosted intensive courses of ERASMUS+ SP projects INTERMUSIC, EOALAB, and other projects.