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The International Joint Master in Collaborative Music Creation & Performance –  Resono – is planned to be launched from 2025 together with partners – The Royal Conservatory of Fine Arts Antwerp (Belgium) and The School of Music and Performing Arts, Polytechnic of Porto (Portugal).

  • The programme is open for students from Europe and other countries of the world. Students will be divided into three groups; each of the groups will start studies at one of the partner institutions. Every semester, the students will move to a different partner institution. The students will take the final master’s examination in the institution where they began to study.
  • During the studies, the students will acquire and develop theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of creating and performing contemporary music. Resono will focus on the overall creative process, interdisciplinarity, and student interaction with their professional field. The practical modules of the studies, Resono Lab and Creative Project, will enable each student to evolve both as an independent creator and performer and as a team member.
  • A significant role in the programme will be dedicated to artistic research (Resono Research) which will be supervised by scientists and artists researchers at each institution. In Term 1, the students will begin research at their institution. During Term 2 and 3, the work on the thesis will be continued online, supervised by a professor from their institution. In Term 4, the students will present and defend the thesis at the initial institution.
  • Every semester, while studying at different institutions, the students will be able to choose elective courses and other courses that complement the direction of studies chose by the student.