Thursday March 7th, 2019

LMTA Theatre Days 2019

On 14-24 March, 2019, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre shall be welcoming the V International Theatre Festival LMTA Theatre Days. In programme of the festival – 12 performances of various genres created by Lithuanian, Estonian and Finnish young artists. The main stage of the festival is LMTA Balcony Theatre (Gedimino Ave. 42, Vilnius), but performances will also be shown on other stages. 


2019 March 14, Thursday, 19:00 
LMTA Balcony Theatre (Gedimino Ave. 42) 

Charon. Documentary Performance 

Director: Kristina Trinkūnaitė 
Composer: Justina Trinkūnaitė-Sungailienė 
Operator: Vytenis Jankauskas 
Music performed by Justė Burškaitytė 
Performers: Giedrė Kederytė, Kristina Trinkūnaitė 
Partner: Theatre “Atviras ratas”

In the ancient Greek mythology, Charon is a creature that sails souls of the deceased across the river of death to the world of the dead.  This task is still performed nowadays –  not by mythical creatures but by ordinary people who volunteer to stay near those who are about to leave this world. 
Charon, a documentary performance, is based on stories told by the staff, volunteers and patients of a hospice, a palliative care hospital.

Duration: 60 min. 
Première: 2018 May 17, LMTA Slushko Palace. 

2019 March 15, Friday, 19:00 
LMTA Balcony Theatre (Gedimino Ave. 42, Vilnius) 

The Piano Hero. Audiovisual Performance 

Performer: Marta Finkelštein (piano) 
Visualisation author: Kornelijus Jaroševičius 
Light designer: Giedrius Gurevičius 
Sound: MiSC

Francesco Filidei – Toccata 
Johannes Kreidler – Study for Piano, Audio and Video Playback 
Ferenz Liszt – Rhapsodhy Nr. 2 
John Cage – 4.33 
Henry Cowell – The Banshee 
Stefan Prins – Piano Hero #1

The Piano Hero is a research into the image and activity of the contemporary pianist. Musicologist Alex Rosso says, “The problem is not that today’s way of performing music at concerts has become desperately trite, but that music, for a way too long, has been kept constrained in the same format which is reproduced almost universally.” 
The key message of ​​The Piano Hero is to present compositions of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries that reflect the diversity of the piano repertoire along with the variable curve and wide possibilities of the pianist’s performance on the stage.

Duration: 40 min. 
Première: 2018 October 12, LMTA Balcony Theatre. 

2019 March 16, Saturday, 19:00 
LMTA Balcony Theatre (Gedimino Ave. 42, Vilnius) 

Performance “The Actress” (University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland)

Author and perfomer: Outi Condit 
Consultant, co-author: Vincent Roumagnac  

Duration: 55 min. 
Première: 2017 October 17, University of the Arts Helsinki. 

2019 March 17, Sunday, 17:00 
Hallway next to LMTA Balcony Theatre (Gedimino Ave. 42, Vilnius) 

My Dear Friend. Movement Performance

Performers: Year 2B Contemporary Dance students Elmyra Ragimova, Emilija Dūdaitė, Viktorija Zobielaitė, Viktorija Ambrazaitė, Ugnė Kavaliauskaitė, Martyna Meškauskaitė, Viktoras Fedorenko, Ignas Šmitas, Ciaran Turley, Scarlett Primerose, and Year B4 Acting student Marius Gotbergas.

The performance creator and student supervisor:  Giedrė Jankauskienė.

Music: William Basinski, Tom Waits, Gorillaz, Sote.

Remind me about it. I’ve forgotten a little. And next time tell me. Just in case, so that I don’t forget. You know how it may happen… 
Remind me that, usually, I exist. But, to tell the truth, I don’t exist at all. When I’m with you, but I don’t accept you. I take a step back and want to stay with myself, but at the same time, I can’t live without being connected…unconnected… So how would it be if it were different? How to make it all correct and well?

Duration: 50 min. 
Première: 2018 December 13, Hallway next to LMTA Balcony Theatre.

2019 March 17, Sunday, 19:00 
LMTA Building 5: Theatre Factory (T. Kosciuškos 12, Vilnius) 

Marie Cardona

Director: Agnius Jankevičius 
Author: Eleonora Baker
Acrtess: Gabrielė Ladygaitė 
Visual effects: Total Strangers Ltd 
Sound effects: Mighty God Records 
Production: Kaunas Chamber Theatre
Co-production: Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Description: Once Marie gets hit on the head. Then she gets hit again. And again. 
After a while, Marie understands she has a problem and this problem opens up her eyes  – she is different from everyone else. This is how Marie’s long journey to the Society of the Right People starts. Her destination is what those whose eyes always turn red and who never get hit on the head call Feelings. 
When Eleonora Baker, the author of the play, received a proposal to write the stage adaptation of The Outsider by Albert Camus, she took a slightly different way. 
“Everyone knows Meursault, the main character of the novel; however, I’d like to raise a question. Who is Marie Cardona, Meursault’s lover, just occasionally appearing in the novel, and what happens to her? Who is she and where is she now?”

Duration: 90 min. 
Première: 2018 May 25, LMTA Theatre Factory.

2019 March 18, Monday, 19:00 
LMTA Balcony Theatre (Gedimino Ave. 42, Vilnius) 

PRA. Mono-performance

One-act Monoplay for an Aspiring Actor by Justas Tertelis 
Creative team: Karolis Norvilas, Viktorija Kuodytė, Giedrius Gurevičius, Justas Žilinskas.

Description: A sincere story about myself and about everyone who belongs to a captivating and magic world of the theatre that casts a spell upon us with its truths and lies.  
About an open, light-hearted and restless approach of an aspiring actor towards the theatre, here and now. About how he currently sees the theatre, what he agrees with, what and who he blames, and what seems important for him. The actor is telling us about the very beginning of the career, about his beginning of acting on the stage, about the love and responsibility for the career. Why is it hard to start? Are you born to become an actor? And, what seems the most important for an actor? 
This is what a young actor is telling us about, and his poem is so honest: 
“Dear audience, everything we create is for you. Even the advertising of a performance is for you. To grab your interest, to attract you and bring you here, where we are… And then, when the lights fade out, when you hear the music, when the curtains rise, I’ll be there standing in front of you – this will be the long-awaited beginning for me and you.” 
Yours sincerely, 
Young, Aspiring Actor.

Duration: 50 min. 
Première: 2018 April 22, LMTA Balcony Theatre. 
Instructions and warning: during the play, a stroboscopic effect and theatre smoke effect is used. 

2019 March 19, Tuesday, 16:00 
LMTA Balcony Theatre (Gedimino Ave. 42, Vilnius) 

Discussion: Will the Young Bring the Fresh Air to the Theatre?

Moderators: theatrologist, dean of LMTA Theatre and Film faculty Elona Bajorinienė, performative arts critic Aušra Kaminskaitė.

Description: In the middle of the LMTA Theatre Days Festival, we will announce a one-day break where the participants of performing arts activities – creators, audience and theatre critics – are invited to discuss the creative processes, problems, needs, opportunities and prospects of young theatre artists. 
What are the new winds that the young artists are bringing to the Lithuanian theatre? Is young equal to new? Is new obligatory for the young? You are all welcome to discuss these and other questions.

Duration: 80 min.

2019 March 20, Wednesday, 19:00 
LMTA Building 5: Theatre Factory (T. Kosciuškos 12, Vilnius) 

The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

After a fantasy story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 

Director: Milda Mičiulytė 
Performers: Arnas Danusas, Taura Kvietinskaitė

Description: The play focuses on the two most noble and indispensable to one’s morale feelings – shame and pity. A person who is able to possess them hasn’t yet lost the sense of humanity. The situation where these two feelings are analysed is loneliness deliberately chosen by a person and arrogance towards others.  What happens to a person who refuses to have human feelings?  What might encourage someone to behave like that?
The main theme revealed in the etude is the idea of ​​destruction.  A ridiculous man ruins the planet. He sins. The themes of sin and its redemption are not foreign to Dostoevsky and are emphasised on the stage to raise the key question – who can redeem a person’s sins and give this person a chance to change?

Duration: 40 min. 

2019 March 21, Thursday, 19:00 
LMTA Balcony Theatre (Gedimino Ave. 42) 

Everything What’s Earthly Bespeaks Death


Creative team: Jonas Golubovskis, Džiugas Grinys

Description: I haven’t plugged my ears. Everyone else has but not me. That’s why I was the only one who’s heard everything. I haven’t covered my eyes with a cloth, either, like everyone else. That’s why I’ve seen everything. Yes, I was the only one to see and hear everything. But, unfortunately, I can’t understand anything, so what’s the point if I’m the only one who has seen and heard everything?

Duration: 60 min. 
Instructions and warning: during the play, a stroboscopic effect and theatre smoke effect is used 
Other information: I was tagged a bastard. But is it true? Not, it isn’t true. And I’m not going to prove it.

The performance Everything What’s Earthly Bespeaks Death is a laureate of the Audience Choice Award at the Stage Art Etude Competition Balkono okupacija 2018 (Occupying the Balcony 2018). 

2019 March 22, Friday, 19:00 
LMTA Building 5: Theatre Factory (T. Kosciuškos 12, Vilnius) 

Guests: Dance Performance “Palun” (“Please”)

Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School, Estonia

Creative team: Kaisa Kattai, Keithy Kuuspu.

Duration: 50 min.

2019 March 23, Saturday, 19:00 
LMTA Balcony Theatre (Gedimino Ave. 42, Vilnius) 


Author: Motiejus Ivanauskas 
Performers: Mantas Bendžius, Andrius Alešiūnas, Povilas Jatkevičius, Deividas Breivė, Kamilė Lebedytė

Description: A meeting. Serious questions, relevant for the entire human race, are being discussed. But to be even more precise, the relationships among the people performing in this play are at once hard to define.  Such “tricks” are expected to grab the audience’s interest. Maybe they’ll seem comic, maybe not. Two different stories will gradually develop into a single theatrical mix.

Freezing is a laureate of the Stage Art Etude Competition Balkono okupacija 2018 (Occupying the Balcony 2018).

Duration: 90 min. 
Première: 2019 March 23, LMTA Balcony Theatre. 

2019 March 24, Sunday, 19:00 
LMTA Balcony Theatre (Gedimino Ave. 42, Vilnius) 

Born for Hard Soil / Positive Minus. Dance Performances

“Born for Hard Soil”
Concept, choreography, dance: Scarlet Primrose, Viktorija Zobielaitė, Viktorija Ambrazaitė, Viktoras Fedorenko, Martyna Meškauskaitė, Marius Gotbergas
Music: Lapalux, Akkord 
Lighting: Giedrius Gurevičius

Description: “I won’t swim unless I learn to. When just born, I wasn’t able to swim. I was born for hard soil, not for water. When just born, I wasn’t able to think. I was created for life, not for thought. And the one who can think and turn his thought into action will go far. But then, he will leave the hard soil and move to water, and one day he’ll sink”.

Positive minus” 
Concept, choreography, performance: Ciaran Turtley, Emilija Dūdaitė, Elmyra Ragimova, Ignas Šmitas 
Music: Muslimgauze, Ben Frost 
Lighting: Giedrius Gurevičius

Description: “My body is like an everlasting magnet made of two opposite poles. These opposites attract each other to make one whole, but this whole doesn’t fill me with harmony”.

Duration: 50 min. 
Première: 2019 January 17,  LMTA Balcony Theatre. 

All events of the festival are free-of-charge.

Limited seating available. Priority tickets (“Balkono žetonai”/“Balcony chips”) will be distributed 30 min before the beginning of the of the play at the location of the event.

Wednesday February 20th, 2019

LMTA participates in the Vilnius Book Fair 2019

Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy participates in the Vilnius Book Fair, held on February 21-24, 2019.
Next year the international Vilnius Book Fair will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Held on February 21-24, 2019, with the slogan “20 years after” the Fair will invite the exhibitors, guests and visitors to celebrate and evaluate the changes that happened in the life of literature, and to discuss what will come next.

Since its start in the year of 2000, the International Vilnius Book Fair is the biggest and most important book fair in the Baltic states. It gives a possibility to evaluate the whole publishing market of Lithuania and the neighbouring countries. At the same time it has become the well-known cultural event in Lithuania and the main annual meeting place of publishers, authors and readers that attracts more than 60.000 visitors. The Fair is visited by the stars of the literary and culture from all over the world.

The LMTA stand is in the 3rd hall of the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO (Laisvės Ave. 5, Vilnius). Here you can find the latest news of the LMTA Publishing Center. Such as Liber continens. 1623. Facsimile edition. Editor Jonas Vilimas (Vilnius: Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija, 2018). 

The publication presented here is dedicated to a monument of Lithuanian writing – a manuscript chant book dating to the 17th–18th centuries called Liber continens gradualia cum antiphonis et quibusdam responsoriis ac prosis (“A book containing graduals with antiphons and some responsories and proses”), which is kept in the library of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. It is a leather bound cardboard cover book, 46.5 cm in height, 31 cm wide and 5.8 cm thick (at the base, up to 7 cm), weighing 4.3 kg, which started being written in around 1620 (the title page indicates the year 1623). This publication consists of a scholarly study analysing the manuscript, with illustrations and music examples, a commentary, a bibliography; a genre and alphabetical index of the chants in the book is also presented; this complex publication is concluded with the colour facsimile of the whole manuscript.  
2019 02 19
Monday January 14th, 2019

LMTA students played at a concert dedicated to the January Events

On 12 January, 2019, students of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre played at a concert “In Memoriam” at the Churche of St. Johns in Vilnius, dedicated to the January Events.

Students of LMTA Department of String Instruments and LMTA Departament Wind and Percussion Instruments appeared on stage alongside the New Ideas Chamber Orchestra NICO. These students are Rūta Šeduikytė, Artūras Maniušis, Džiugas Daugirda, Agata Ursul, Vilija Bogušaitė, Kotryna Ugnė Daunytė, Jonė Barbora Laukaitytė, Beatričė Marcinkutė, Jokūbas Švambaris, Birutė Ilčiukaitė, Dovydas Bulotas, Karolis Vaičiulis, Šarūnas Pozniakovas, Aušvydas Kriščiūnas.

Programme of the concert featured Alfred Schnittke’s opus “Sutartinės”, that was created by composer immediately after the January Events. Interpretation of Schnittke’s work was prepared by compositions of NICO artistic director composer Gediminas Gelgotas (“Sanctifaction”, “Mountains. Waters (Freedom)”, “Echoes for the Thousand Years”, “Transitory”).

At the end of the concert, the National Anthem of Lithuania composed by Vincas Kudirka was played.

You can watch the concert here:

2019 01 14

Monday December 3rd, 2018


On 23-23 November, 2018, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre will hold the master-class of famous Finish opera soprano Soile Isokoski.

Soile Isokoski is recognized as one of the world’s finest lyric sopranos and regularly appears on the most renowned stages and concert halls. After graduating from the Sibelius Academy, she gave her début recital in Helsinki in 1986 and subsequently won a number of important international singing competitions. She made her début at the Finnish National Opera as Mimì in Puccini’s La Bohème and has since delighted audiences and critics alike at opera houses in Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, London, Milan and Paris, at The Metropolitan Opera and at music festivals in Salzburg, Savonlinna, Edinburgh and Orange.

Soile Isokoski has worked with numerous distinguished conductors such as Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Esa-Pekka Salonen, Seiji Ozawa, John Eliot Gardiner, Sir Colin Davis, Zubin Mehta, Daniel Barenboim, Sir Simon Rattle, Bernhard Haitink, Riccardo Muti, Claudio Abbado, Valery Gergiev and James Levine. Her recent opera roles include Die Marschallin (Der Rosenkavalier), Eva (Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg), Donna Elvira (Don Giovanni), Alice (Falstaff), Margarethe (Faust), Rachel (La Juive), the Countess (Le nozze di Figaro), Desdemona (Otello), Liù (Turandot), Elsa (Lohengrin), Fiordiligi (Così fan tutte) and Ariadne (Ariadne auf Naxos). She has an extensive concert repertoire, and she regularly gives recitals with her permanent accompanist Marita Viitasalo.

Soile Isokoski’s recording, for Ondine, of Luonnotar and other orchestral songs by Sibelius with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra under Leif Segerstam won the 2007 BBC Music Magazine Award ‘Disc of the Year’, in addition to a MIDEM Classical Award. Her rendition of Four Last Songs and other orchestral songs by Richard Strauss with the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra under Marek Janowski received a Gramophone Award in 2002. Her 2006 Christmas album Jouluyö, juhlayö, featuring also the YL Male Voice Choir, became a gold-winning best-seller in Finland.

In honour of her notable contribution to Finnish music, Soile Isokoski was awarded with the Pro-Finlandia medal in 2002. In September 2008, she received in Vienna the honorary title of “Österreichische Kammersängerin”.

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre regularly organised master-classes for young musicians and singers and invites renowned pedagogues and music performers from all over the world. 

2018 11 21

Monday December 3rd, 2018


On December 1, 2018, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA) hosted the XVIII International Competition of Lithuanian Chamber Music dedicated to the 85th Anniversary of the LMTA.  

Here are the results of the competition:


Julija Bagdonavičiūtė (piano) 
Marija Pranskutė (violin) 
Deividas Dumčius (cello) 
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre 
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Indrė Baikštytė


Viktar Tsimafeyeu (saxophone)
Hanna Maryniak (piano)
Belarusian State Academy of Music  
Assoc. Prof. Žanna Varlamova

Marius Kavaliauskas (clarinet) 
Lukas Gedvilas (piano)
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre 
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Indrė Baikštytė 


Justina Šalkauskaitė (violin) 
Domas Zaborskis (clarinet) 
Evelina Kuprytė (piano)
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre 
Lect. Ingrida Rupaitė-Petrikienė

Augustina Vizbaraitė (violin) 
Konrad Levicki (violin) 
Skaistė Žižytė (viola) 
Domantė Ramančiūnienė (cello) 
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre 
Lect. Ingrida Rupaitė-Petrikienė


Gintarė Stasiūnaitė (cello) 
Gustas Raudonius (piano)
Music Academy of the Vytautas Didysis University  
Prof. Rimantas Armonas

Medeinė Mickevičiūtė (piano) 
Augustina Vizbaraitė (violin) 
Domantė Ramančiūnienė (cello)
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre 
Prof. Dalia Balsytė

Aliaksandra Batalonak (violin) 
Nadzeya Dziarnovich (piano)
Belarusian State Academy of Music  
Prof. Larisa Dziaduk

Jury: Prof. Dr. Liudmila Orlova – chair (Belarusian State Academy of Music), Prof. Valentinas Gelgotas (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre), Prof. Jurgis Karnavičius (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre), Prof. Jonas Tankevičius (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre), composers Arvydas Malcys, Anatolijus Šenderovas. 

2018 12 03

Tuesday September 25th, 2018

The 3rd “Doctors in Performance” reached a high note

On September 4–6, 2018, the third “Doctors in Performance” festival conference of music performance and artistic research welcomed artist-researchers from all over the world to the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

“Doctors in Performance” is a festival conference where music performers conducting artistic research at doctoral and post-doctoral levels present their artistic research in the form of recitals, concert lectures or paper presentations. The first “Doctors in Performance” festival conference was held at the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki on September 4–5, 2014. The second edition took place at the Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM), Dublin, on September 8–9, 2016.

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre hosted “Doctors in Performance 2018” in Vilnius, the event being particularly varied in terms of geography of participants. Artist-researchers from 22 countries took part in DIP this year: Latvia, Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Australia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Estonia, Norway, Catalonia, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Brazil, Serbia, France, South Africa, and Malaysia. Eleven participants represented the hosting body, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. On September 4 and 5 respectively, keynote lectures were delivered by one of the major figures in music performance studies, musicologist and pianist Prof. Dr. John Rink (University of Cambridge) and the Lithuanian composer and conductor, founder of the Lithuanian Ensemble Network Prof. Vykintas Baltakas (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Maastricht Academy of Music). 72 recitals, lecture-recitals and paper presentations of researchers into musical performance were delivered during the 24 sessions of DIP 2018. Nearly half of the participants hold a PhD or Doctor of Arts degree, the remaining ones are currently doctoral students.

“Doctors in Performance 2018” was organised by HARPS, Hub for Artistic Research and Performance Studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (lead by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lina Navickaitė-Martinelli). Of crucial importance was the collaboration with major institutions and communities carrying out artistic, or practice-based research and music performance studies. Representatives from Cambridge University (UK), Orpheus Institute in Ghent, Antwerp Conservatoire (Belgium), Catalonia College of Music (ESMUC), artistic doctorate schools at the Norwegian Music Academy and Estonian Music and Theatre, among others, have attended DIP 2018. Large participant delegations were sent to DIP 2018 by the conference partners, Helsinki University of the Arts Sibelius Academy, Irish Royal Academy of Music and Royal Music Academy (London), the members of DIP steering committee belonging to these institutions (Dr. Anu Vehviläinen, Dr. Markus Kuikka, Dr. Denise Neary, and Dr. Sarah Callis made a fine contribution to the event’s organisation.

Keynote lectures and those lecture-recitals taking place at the Music Innovation Studies Centre were live broadcasted and are available on MiSC LMTA YouTube channel. All presentations from the event were filmed and will constitute a virtual archive of “Doctors in Performance” – online proceedings will be published on the basis of papers delivered at the conference. The photo gallery of the event may be found on HARPS website:

HARPS info
2018 09 27

Thursday August 30th, 2018

Conference: Principles of Music Composing (deadline extension)

Lithuanian Composers’ Union
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

18th International Music Theory Conference

Principles of Music Composing:
Retrospective of the Century 

November 13th–15th 2018
Vilnius, Lithuania

Considering audiation and composition together is not prevalent in existing research, and thus provides a thought provoking intention in the field of music theory. Audiation is designed and usually referred to in educational contexts as an aptitude to hear and comprehend music even when the real sound is not present. It is a cognitive process by which the brain gives a meaning to musical sounds. Giving a sense to a sound is an essential condition for the emergence of particular composing techniques, styles or even the general features of entire historical periods. With the rapid development of technologies and their apparent influence on composing as well as the increasing manifestations of serial methods in contemporary music, the role of audiation in the creative process becomes a problematic issue. For this reason integrating audiation and composition into a common discourse is expected to foster an intellectual field embracing both composing dilemmas as well as educational issues. Special attention is paid to audiation facets of Lithuanian composers and their development in the retrospective of a century. 

The topic of the conference is divided into suggested subtopics:

1) Audiation, aural perception/reception, inner hearing, ear training in the context of composing practices. Theoretical, typological, historical outlook.
2) Different audiative approaches (tonal, sonorous, intensity, rhythmic, etc.) as a premise for emergence of new composing techniques or trends in the retrospective of the century.
3) Composing as a result of audiation activity or conscious rejection (or restriction) of aural conducting in the composing process. (Auto)analysis of composer’s creative process. 
4) Audiation aspects in accordance with creative evolution and style of a composer in oeuvre of Debussy (commemorating the 100th anniversary of composer’s death), his contemporaries and later composers.
5) Audiation tendencies and their manifestation in Lithuanian composers’ music following Čiurlionis (celebrating the centenary of independence of Lithuania). 
6) Audiation strategies as creative stimuli in relation with other areas (literature, painting, motion, spirituality, etc.) and interrelationship between different senses (aural, visual, touch, etc.). Interdisciplinary approach to Debussy, Čiurlionis’ and other composers’ creative work.
7) Aural training possibilities and perspectives in regard with new composing demands emerged in the previous century.

Paper proposals (abstract and a short biography) should be sent by email: The abstract must not exceed 500 words. The duration of full presentation is limited to 20–25 minutes.

The main language of the conference is English. 

The deadline for proposal submissions is extended to September 24th 2018. Proposals will be reviewed by the members of the scholarly committee and all applicants will be notified of the outcome.

The participation fee is 20 Euros.

Selected papers of the conference will be published in the annual peer reviewed scientific journal ‘Principles of Music Composing’.

Scholarly committee of the conference:

Prof. dr. Pavel PUŞCAŞ (Music Academy Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Prof. Miloš Zatkalik (University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia)
Prof. Roger Redgate (Goldsmiths, University of London, England)
Dr. Bert Van Herck (New England Conservatory of Music, USA)
Dr. Jānis Petraškevičs (Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music, Latvia)
Dr. Martin Vishnick (United Kingdom)
Prof. dr. Rimantas Janeliauskas (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre)
Prof. dr. Antanas Kučinskas (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre)
Assoc. prof. dr. Mārtiņš Viļums (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre)
Assoc. prof. Marius Baranauskas (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre)

Coordinators of the conference:

Andrius Maslekovas,
Aistė Vaitkevičiūtė

Thursday August 23rd, 2018

Norteas Intensive course Forum in Vilnius

Norteas Intensive course Forum will held on 26th August – 2nd September 2018 in Vilnius at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. The intensive course aims at bringing together the knowledge students have gained through the express courses and puts it into practice trough artistic projects. On the course student groups work independently towards a presentation under the supervision of a mentor. The Norteas member schools will propose mentors for the course. During the intensive week there will be series of talks in the afternoon with artists, intellectuals, cultural politicians and Nordic culture funds present their operation.

Norteas Intensive course Forum is curated by Karmenlara Ely, Artistic Director of Acting and Performance at Østfold University College/Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad Norway:

“Three speakers relating their practices and research uniquely to questions of sustainability, post-institutional art making contexts and to some extent, values and questions relevant to a critique of the anthropocene. All three speakers, in their varying approaches, put relations, materiality and interdependency at the center of their focus, critically different from individualistic, careerist art making approaches often found globally in academia and “the industry”. With the expanded fields of theatre and performance in reference, these internationally recognized artists offer strategies and perspectives which I believe inspire the next generation of artists to follow their instincts to remain critically tender and connected, relying on listening, collaboration, and even failure as key components to their practice.”

Schedule of keynote speeches:
26th August Una Chaudhuri 
27th August Rebecca Hilton
28th August Edit Kaldor


Una Chaudhuri
“From Anthropocene to SymbioScenes: Staging Human Stories in a More-Than-Human Frame”

What roles can theatre and art play in the age of climate change? “Spreading the word” and “sounding the alarm” are valuable contributions. But didacticism has its limits, and theatre’s traditional investment in psychological and sociological complexities may now–in the age of climate chaos–need to expand. How might we include biological, even geological frames in the way we put human stories on stage? 

Bio on Una Chaudhuri: Una Chaudhuri is Collegiate Professor and Professor of English, Drama, and Environmental Studies at New York University. She is the Director of NYU’s Center for Experimental Humanities and a pioneer in the fields of  eco-theatre and Animal Studies.  Her recent publications include: The Stage Lives of Animals: Zooësis and PerformanceAnimal Acts: Performing Species Today (co-edited with Holly Hughes, and The Ecocide Project: Research Theatre and Climate Change (co-authored with Shonni Enelow). Chaudhuri participates in collaborative creative projects, including the multi-platform intervention entitled Dear Climate, which has been presented in New York, Santa Barbara, Troy, Dublin, Abu Dhabi, Houston, and the Netherlands. She is a founding member of the theatre collective CLIMATE LENS.



Rebecca Hilton
PARTICIPATE OR ELSE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 
3 anecdotes, 3 practices, 3 readings
solidarity, singularity and sustainability
community, plurality and subjectivity
ethics, aesthetics and participation.

they were concerned that the balcony might not be able to sustain the weight: bear, support, carry, stand, keep up, prop up, shore up, bolster, underpin, buttress. ANTONYMS collapse under.
she had lived life to the full, but now had only the memories of such times to sustain her: comfort, help, assist, encourage, succour, support, give strength to, be a source of strength to, be a tower of strength to, buoy up, carry, cheer up, hearten, see someone through; informal buck up. ANTONYMS torment, plague.
they were unable to sustain a coalition: continue, carry on, keep up, keep going, keep alive, keep in existence, keep, maintain, prolong, preserve, conserve, protract, perpetuate, bolster up, prop up, retain, extend.
she had a slab of bread and cheese to sustain her | Britain sustained a much lower population than did Italy: maintain, continue, preserve, keep, keep alive, keep going, provide for; nourish, feed, nurture, provide board for.
six Marines sustained slight injuries: undergo, experience, go through, suffer, endure.
the allegation was not sustained by any court: uphold, validate, ratify, vindicate, confirm, endorse, approve; verify, corroborate, substantiate, bear out, prove, authenticate, attest to, back up, evidence, justify.
-Oxford Thesaurus of English

Bio of Rebecca Hilton: Rebecca Hilton is an Australian dance person living in Stockholm. Her practices include performing, choreographing, directing, conversing and writing. Across three and a half decades in performance, She has contributed to the work of a range of artists including Russell Dumas, Stephen Petronio, Mathew Barney, Michael Clark, Tere O’Connor, Jennifer Monson, Tino Sehgal, Xavier Le Roy, Scarlet Yu, Chrysa Parkinson etc. At the Stockholm University of the Arts, as Professor in Choreography for the research area Site-Event-Encounter, she is developing GROUPNESS, a suite of projects researching relationships between embodied practices, oral traditions and choreographic systems. She works in contexts including workplaces, social groups, friendship circles and families. Currently she is  an Artist in Residence at Malarbacken (Sweden’s largest elder care centre) as part of DoBra, a Karolinska Institute Research Project. DoBra is a decade-long, nation-wide research program exploring relationships to death and dying in Sweden.


Edit Kaldor
“Creative Processes; Drive and Agency”

“In my talk I will zoom in on the intimate and complex process of making work. Based on my own practice and that of colleague artists, both contemporary and historical, I’d like to look at some of the forces that feed and maintain these processes. What is there behind the stubbornness, the determination to ‘Fail again. Fail better’? What is the drive, what is the agency? How do you recognize it? How do you sustain it? And how does it relate to the others: collaborators, spectators, and the broader community beyond the scope of the arts?”

Bio of Edit Kaldor: Edit Kaldor is recognized internationally as a unique voice in the contemporary theatre landscape. She works with nonprofessional performers, mixing documentary and fictional elements, and often integrating the use of digital media. She lives in Amsterdam and works internationally. Her theatre performances, which stretch considerably the boundaries of theatrical conventions, have been presented in over 30 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and North Africa.
Kaldor was born in Budapest, and immigrated as a child to the United States, where she lived for ten years before moving back to Europe. She studied English Literature and Theatre at Columbia University in New York and at DasArts in Amsterdam. She had worked for years as dramaturge and video-maker with Peter Halasz (Squat theater/Love theater, New York), collaborating on numerous theatre performances and film scripts, before starting to write and direct her own pieces. She has taught and lectured at art academies across Europe, and has led numerous workshops in theatres,  festivals and related contexts. Currently she is artistic research fellow at Østfold University College/Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad, where she is developing  her research project The Many and the Form: Working Methods for Participatory Co-Creative Practices in Postdramatic Theatre.


The Sustainable Theatre Artist is a two-year pedagogical project that aims at artistic, professional and societal sustainability of future theatre and performing artists. The project is inspired by the challenge an artist must rise to – how to make meaningful art within the parameters of the professional field, the world around us and our planet and how to interact in an intelligent, resourceful and responsible way with our society in different cultural contexts.

Monday July 9th, 2018

Transatlantyk Instant Composition Contest™

Łódź (Poland) is host of Transatlantyk Instant Composition Contest™ (TICC). It is a unique and prestigious international event – one of a kind simultaneous composition contest based on the idea of improvisation created synchronously to the image on the screen.

The TICC is a remarkable event initiated by Oscar winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek. 

Young artists who have a talent for improvisation and expressing emotions through music will find an extraordinary challenge here. They will watch a short movie material and then, a minute later on stage, in front of the audience they will create a composition to accompany the movie. The skill requires extraordinary musical and emotional sensitivity as well as an exceptional technical proficiency.


  • July 13th 2018 – Submission deadline 
  • July 19th 2018 – Eliminations and The Final 
  • July 20th 2018 – Announcement of the competition winners and awards presentation during the Closing Gala. 

There are three main prizes in the competition: 

  • Transatlantyk Instant Composer Award – First Prize – 15 000 PLN, (approximately. 3 860 $- according to the exchange rate at the day of the transfer). 
  • Transatlantyk Instant Composer Award – Second Prize – 7 500 PLN, (approximately. 1 930 $- according to the exchange rate at the day of the transfer).
  • Transatlantyk Instant Composer Award – Third Prize – 5 000 PLN, (approximately. 1 285 $- according to the exchange rate at the day of the transfer). 

The ICC is held in Łódź (Poland). Regulations and the form:,transatlantyk-instant-composition-contest-2

More information:

Transatlantyk Festival 2018 info


2019/03/26 - 2019/03/28


2019 March 25–28

LMTA Building 6: Room 203 (Pamėnkalnio 15, Vilnius)


March 25, 11:00-16:00 
March 26, 11:00-13:00 
March 27, 10:00-16:00 
March 28, 11:00-16:00 



2019 April 23, Tuesday, 15:00

LMTA Juozas Karosas Hall (Gedimino Ave. 42, Vilnius)


Autor – musicologist Dr. Karina Firkavičiūtė.

Publishers: “Bitik” (Poland), Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. 

Tickets: Free, no tickets required.