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Practical information

Practical information includes basic facts about getting to Lithuania, living costs, transport, visa and temporary residence permit, health insurance, accommodation, student card ISIC, students’ union and contacts.

NB! BEFORE ARRIVAL during 2021-2022 a. y.

Make sure that you have:

    • Letter of Acceptance
    • Learning Agreement
    • Entry visa / Temporary Residence Permit if necessary (check infromation on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs https://www.urm.lt/default/en/ Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania http://www.migracija.lt/)
    • Health Insurance valid in Lithuania
    • A confirmation on reservation of accommodation at the Student Dormitory of the LMTA or private accommodation
    • Finished arrival form not sooner than 48 hours before arrival (https://keleiviams.nvsc.lt/lt/form)
    • Negative COVID-19 test which is valid for 72 hours (exceptions if fully vaccinated are listed here: https://sam.lrv.lt/lt/news/prevenciniai-veiksmai-del-naujojo-koronaviruso-informacija-nuolat-papildoma/koronavirusas/aktuali-informacija-griztantiems-ir-atvykstantiems-i-lietuva)
    • Informed your coordinator about arrival date-time and address in Vilnius not later then 5 days before arrival

ENTRY TO LITHUANIA                                                                                                                                              

A two-week self-isolation requirement is also applied to persons arriving from COVID-19 affected countries or in transit through them (there are exceptions depending on the country – https://sam.lrv.lt/lt/news/prevenciniai-veiksmai-del-naujojo-koronaviruso-informacija-nuolat-papildoma/koronavirusas/aktuali-informacija-griztantiems-ir-atvykstantiems-i-lietuva). Persons entering the country are required to complete a questionnaire available on the website of the National Public Health Centre at https://keleiviams.nvsc.lt/en/form. List of the countries, and information how to isolate and other important information is regularly updated and available here (if fully vaccinated there are exceptions for self-isolation): https://nvsc.lrv.lt/en/requirements


The LMTA does not provide rooms for self-isolation. Students have to isolate either at the private appartments they rent or at the hotels recommended by the LMTA. Costs for accommodation at the recommended hotel „Art City Inn“ www.artcityinn.lt is 35 eur per person/day in a single room with breakfast. Students have to cover subsistence costs themselves.

COVID-19 TESTS                                                                                                                                                                

For COVID-19 tests you have to register at the National Public Health Centre, hotline +370 618 79984 and +370 616 94562, e-mail koronavirusas@sam.lt. If you have health insurance which covers COVID-19 tests, you are recommended to contact public of private centres. Testing information https://covidtestingnear.me/    

MONITOR YOUR HEALTH DURING YOUR STAY                                                                                                                                    

If you notice any symptoms of the infection (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sudden loss or weakening of sense of smell and taste), immediately call the coronavirus hotline +370 618 79984 and +370 616 94562 or short number (from Lithuanian phone) 1808, provide the circumstances of how you may have contracted the virus (it is necessary to indicate that you have been abroad within the last 14 days) and follow the recommendations of doctors.

CATERING AND OTHER SERVICES                                                                                                                         

If you stay in a hotel, hotel can provide catering services. Recommended internet grocery shops such as Barbora https://pagrindinis.barbora.lt/ (select English language), www.lastmile.lt, www.rimi.lt or www.a2bfood.lt. Order food from a number of popular restaurants and café at https://wolt.com/en/ 

Online pharmacies for medicine and pharmaceutical commodities – www.eurovaistine.lt, www.camelia.lt, www.gintarine.lt, www.manovaistine.lt.


  • Requirement to have health insurance is valid for ALL incoming students
  • Requirement to fill-in and sign the Commitment is mandatory for ALL incoming students
  • Requirement to have a negative COVID-19 test (there are exceptions if fully vaccinated) (with translation to English/Russian)

CONTACTS: regular students – indre.slavinskiene@lmta.lt, tel. (+370 5) 261044, room 120, central LMTA building (Gedimino pr. 42); exchange  students- rima.rimsaite@lmta.lt tel tel. (+370 5) 2124967, room 103 LMTA central building