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The Council of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre was founded in accordance with the Law on Science and Studies according to which the management of state higher education institutions consists of not only representatives of the academic community but also involves social representatives.


  • VYTAUTAS ALIŠAUSKAS – Associate Professor, the Institute of English, Romance, and Classical Studies at the Vilnius University; PhD in Humanities
  • RAMŪNAS GREIČIUS – Professor, the Department of Film and Television, the LMTA Faculty of Theatre and Film 
  • RUSNĖ KREGŽDAITĖ – Head of MMLAB (Arts and Science Lab), PhD in Social Sciences
  • ROMAS MATULIS – Associate Professor, the Department of Theatre, the LMTA Klaipėda Faculty
  • LORETA NARVILAITĖ – Deputy Director for Cultural Activities at Klaipeda Municipal Concert Institution Klaipeda Concert Hall 
  • RŪTA PRUSEVIČIENĖ (chair) – Director General, the National Philharmonic Society of Lithuania
  • AIDAS PUODŽIUKAS – Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Piano and Organ, the LMTA Faculty of Music
  • RŪTA STANEVIČIŪTĖ-KELMICKIENĖ – Head of the LMTA Research Centre, Professor, PhD in Humanities
  • IMANTAS JONAS ŠIMKUS – student, President of the LMTA Students’ Union