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Theatre art, Applied theatre / Master‘s studies

Raimonda Agnė Medeišienė, PhD
Associate Professor
Phone +370 674 44885
E-mail: raimonda.medeisiene@lmta.lt

Applied Theatre Studies are a perfect option for those willing to explore the prospects offered by the applied theatre and its interdisciplinary access as well as to enhance the experience-based knowledge with the insights gained from artistic or art-based research.  In these two-year MA studies, the students will enjoy a hands-on opportunity to experience various forms of the applied theatre and develop the skills of managing and moderating the applied theatre.

The uniqueness of the studies lies in enabling the postgraduate students to boldly experiment when preparing and conducting artistic research and art-based research.

The students are provided with plentiful opportunities to learn from visiting lecturers who possess unrivalled hands-on experience and knowledge of the applied theatre that provide a broader European – and, in certain cases, global – context of the applied theatre.

Upon completing this specialisation of MA Theatre Art, the graduates can work at cultural, educational, and scientific institutions; create various works in the field of performing arts; organise events; join creative groups to conduct artistic, educational, and other cultural projects, and engage in the activities of the artistic or applied theatre. The graduates can also continue their career as lecturers at higher education institutions, or conduct independent research in the field of theatrical art.

The graduates who will have successfully completed the studies acquire a master’s degree (MA) in Arts.

One of the goals of the Applied Theatre specialisation is to create a proactive community of professionals in the field of the applied theatre where the core of this community is made of the graduates of the LMTA KF Applied Theatre programme.  More information is available here.

The programme is carried out in the Lithuanian language. 

Main Teaching Staff

Raimonda Agnė Medeišienė, PhD
Associate Professor
E-mail: raimonda.medeisiene@lmta.lt 

Lect. Migle Bereikaitė 

El. paštas migle.bereikaite@lmta.lt 

Assoc. Prof. Romas Matulis

El. paštas romas.matulis@lmta.lt 

Prof. dr. Rūta Girdzijauskienė

El. paštas ruta.girdzijauskiene@lmta.lt