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Department of Vocal Performance

Head of the Department:
Prof. Asta Krikščiūnaitė
E-mail: asta.kriksciunaite@lmta.lt

Lukas Repšys
E-mail: lukas.repsys@lmta.lt
Phone: 860304028
LMTA Building 2, Vilniaus 6-2, 01110 Vilnius, Room 2216.

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Building 6
Pamėnkalnio 15, 01114 Vilnius, Lithuania
Auditorium 6111

The subdivision of the Department is Opera Studio.

The Department is one of the organisers of the following competitions: the International Virgilijus Noreika Competition for Singers, the Vincė Jonuškaitė-Zaunienė Competition for Female Singers, and the LMTA Stasys Baras Competions for Mail Singers.