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The Music Innovation Studies Centre carries out and develops the following activities.

Innovative music and sound technology study space
The human resources and infrastructure resources concentrated in the Centre create conditions for LMTA to ensure:
unity of science, art and studies;
application of music and sound research and creative innovations in the study process;
support for students and teachers in the field of music innovation.

Development of music and sound research
The Centre initiates and/or collaborates on scientific and/or artistic research projects, providing researchers with:
equipment and premises located in the Centre;
consultation in the field of music and sound research;
ensuring dissemination and valorization of music and sound innovation.

Platform for creative innovation in music
The Centre implements innovative music and sound projects. It initiates, organizes and/or carries out:
cultural and art projects;
creative artist residencies;
creative, experimental and applied cultural events;
internet broadcasts of representative LMTA events;
collaborates and consults with other LMTA units according to the Centre’s competencies and areas of activity.

Innovation in music education
The Centre contributes to the development of innovative music education and lifelong learning:
organizes and ensures technical support for online master classes, internet concerts and similar initiatives;
participates in projects and activities related to the development of innovative music education tools and methodologies.

Interdisciplinary connections between art and research
The Centre participates in other activities and projects related to inter- and multidisciplinary collaboration between art and research.