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(English) Information for the invited to study in LMTA


Information for the invited to study in LMTA

Persons, who are invited to study in Bacelor’s studies, has to submit the following documents by e-mail admission@lmta.lt:

Application supplement (filled online, the link will be sent to the person, who is invited to study by e-mail)

Copy of passport / ID card;

Copies of documents witnessing secondary education. All copies of documents issued in languages other than English, Russian or Lithuanian should be submitted with a copy of an official translation (certified by a Notary Public, attested by the translator’s signature). Documents issued in English or Russian do not require a translation;

Certificate issued by the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education concerning recognition of education gained in a foreign country, equivalents of subjects and transfer of grades;

Certificate about level of English language proficiency (at least B1);

Photo of the person for the documents (3×4);

Certificate on the number of credits obtained and the nature of their financing, if the person has studied at another higher education institution at the same level in Lithuania;

A copy of the receipt of the registration fee (45 Eur, non EU citizens – 100 EUR). Foreigners who have been invited to study and whose studies are not funded by the State has to submit a copy of the receipt of the payment for Semester I.

If you need dormitory, please, fill the application form and send it to the administrator of dormitory by e-mail daiva.zukeviciene@lmta.lt