(English) Students Union / Mentors


LMTA Students Union (SU) is an independent non-political organisation dedicated to the interests and needs of all LMTA students. The main goal of the SU is to represent both individual students and the student body as a whole. We ensure the views of students are delivered to the Academy, Government and other organisations that affect student life. 

LMTA SU is here to help students get the very best out of their time at the Academy. The SU also revives old and creates new student traditions, organises cultural activities, helps develop friendships between Lithuanian and foreign students and ties with other youth organizations.

LMTA SU Contacts:

Address: Vilniaus str. 6-2, Vilnius (room 217)
Phone: +370 5262 1424
E-mail: info@lmta.lt

LMTA SU President: Magdalena Kozlovskaja 
E-mail: president@lmta.lt