(English) Students Union / Mentors


The Student Union of LMTA is an independent organisation. Students rights and responsibilities, student involvement and leisure are at the centre of activity. The Student Union revives old and creates new traditions of students, organises cultural activities, helps to integrate foreign students and cooperates with other youth organizations. 

All students of LMTA can apply for International Student Identity Card (ISIC), nearest ISIC spot is Gedimino pr. 1, Vilnius. ISIC gives the same discounts as LSP (Lithuanian Student Card): 

• 50% discount to public transport (80% discount if you buy a monthly ticket)

• Music Faculty students get free entrance to the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre except première productions and special price (3 eur) to the concerts at the Lithuanian National Philharmonic.

• Theatre and Film Faculty students get free entrance to the Small Theatre (Mažasis teatras), Arts Printing House (Menų spaustuvė), Meno fortas  and Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania as well as to film centre Skalvija and movie theatre Pasaka. 


LMTA SU President Magdalena Kozlovskaja: president@lmta.lt

LMTA SU Vice President Viktoras Orestas Vagusevičius: vicepresident@lmta.lt 

Erasmus+ mentors’ coordinator Iveta Mikalajūnaitė: iveta.mikalajunaite@stud.lmta.lt

LMTA SU events coordinator Rūta Ramanauskaitė: ruta.ramanauskaitė@stud.lmta.lt 

LMTA SU marketing coordinator Indrė Vėbraitė: indre.vebraite@stud.lmta.lt